Why Do You Need a Spiritual Teacher?

To Reach Your Full Spiritual Potential

Without a genuinely awakened physical human teacher, it is almost impossible for a person to attain the great goal of enlightenment on their own.

And beyond that, to awaken their mystical gifts (not just psychic) and claim their highest possible level of spiritual ascent.

Even if this was their destiny in this life.

Even if they believe they are already quite spiritually advanced (and just might be).

Even if they have studied every religion, philosophy, and spiritual teaching known to man.

And yes, even if they already possess all kinds of seemingly supernatural abilities & spiritual talents.

If any one is serious about living up to their full spiritual potential in this life, they need to get serious about finding their true teacher.

Why Do You Need a Spiritual Teacher?

It’s like trying to sail a very large ship by yourself across the Atlantic during hurricane season…when you’ve never even set foot on a boat.

Sure you may be born with lots of advantages that make you more capable than others of making that journey.

You may study everything you can get your hands on about sailing and navigation. Spend a lot of time envisioning it, praying for it, and meditating on it. Watch videos of other people who know how it’s done.

You may have all the provisions you need packed up, and plenty of money.

Perhaps you also have a whole lot of people who think you are amazing: so smart, so capable, so self-reliant. The bee’s knees.

Others totally believe in you. And you believe in yourself.

Most importantly, you have a BURNING DESIRE to make this happen!

Yes, with all that in place, you just might be able to sail that big ol’ ship safely from one side of the Atlantic to the other and drop anchor in the exact port you were aiming to reach.


Afterall, anything IS possible…

But let’s say you were offered the opportunity to work side-by-side with a talented, award-winning, pleasant and professional ship captain.

They’ve already achieved your goal, and have made that same journey dozens of times before. They’ve had more than 50 years of experience training others to do the same, and they could certainly help you, too.

Why wouldn’t you jump at the chance to let that ship captain teach you– work WITH you–every step of the way?

Why would you have use for such a teacher?

You Already Know Why, Don’t You?

The likelihood of you succeeding in your goal, and of achieving it even faster and more smoothly–of weathering any storms securely–would be increased many times over by such a teacher, wouldn’t it?

Life offers no guarantees, but with a teacher like that, plus your BURNING DESIRE and your willingness to commit to doing the work required, you are almost guaranteed to find yourself sailing onto the shores of that faraway goal you yearn for.

And much sooner, too.

That’s the value of a teacher in any endeavor.

We all know this. You know this!

You’ve probably experienced this in some area of your life already, right?

Everyday life and the spiritual life operate just the same. As above, so below.

If you want to reach the pinnacle of what you are capable of spiritually–with fewer delays, less painful setbacks, costly mistakes, and deadends–you gotta have a good teacher.

When it comes to studying metaphysics for the purposes of spiritual ascent, one place where such good teachers can be found is at the Spiritual Arts Institute.

I’m Just Pointing the Way. You Judge for Yourself.

If any of this speaks to you.

If you’ve had your spiritual awakening.

If you’re searching for the next steps for your spiritual growth.

Or most especially if you believe you are meant to one day teach others…

I am just here to point the way for you.

Maybe this is the spiritual education you’ve been looking for!

Maybe not.

I am just bringing the Spiritual Arts Institute to your awareness so you can take a look, seek the guidance of that still small voice, and judge for yourself.

Thank you for reading this. Scroll down to leave any comments or questions below and I will get back to you shortly.

I wish you every success, every fruit of the spirit, and a lifetime that sees you achieve your highest potential and purpose.

May God bless you and everyone in your life.


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  • AvatarDesa says:

    Thanks Ro! It just makes sense when you think about it doesn’t it?Certainly,if SAI speaks to you, check them out. You can always sign up to get on their email mailing list for announcements of upcoming classes and workshops. The workshops are a great way to “sample” this school if you don’t feel quite ready to make the bigger commitment to enrolling in the 8-week foundation class Change Your Aura, Change Your Life. Class info and sign up is at SpiritualArts.org/classesRespectfully,Desa

  • AvatarDesa says:

    That is wonderful, Emmanuel! You are the exact example of what I mean when I say it takes GUTS to walk away from the crowd. Our lower nature will LITERALLY resist our highest good, it will fight us every single step of the way as we try to grow. It will throw up a lot of fear and confusion and clouds of skepticism to maintain the status quo because it likes to be in charge. But it is not in charge, and we are all meant to dethrone that lower nature, and claim our true immortal nature. This takes a lot of courage.Courage doesn’t mean the absence of fear, it is ACTING in spite of the fear we feel. When we do that, it is just what you experienced: we are expanded, uplifted, illuminated, bigger and forever changed. This is how we grow. Bravo!Respectfully,Desa

  • AvatarRoDarrick says:

    Just like in every other field of life, having a mentor, teacher, experienced individual who has the know-how of how to run things in a particular field that one intends to go in is always a great plus. In matters of spiritual development too, I must agree that reaching our full potential is the goal and for that to happen, one must be well-groomed by the best in order to attain the best. Though I have never heard about this Spiritual Arts institute before, it should be worthy of a trial to develop oneself.

  • AvatarEmmanuel Buysse says:

    A close friend is a spiritual teacher. To be honest, in the beginning I didn’t believe any of this. But she convinced me to try it with her, and see if I still think like that. It opened my eyes, and it helped me. I was afraid of doing something new, and she helped me over that point. 

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