Why Study Metaphysics?

We Are All Mystics in the Making

Many are seeking spiritual truth these days.

There has never been a time to grow more spiritually in the history of the world than right now, and we are not meant to be kept in the dark.

Faith is meant to give way to knowing.

But how do we bridge that gap?

Metaphysics is that next step we are ALL destined to take some day.

The Purpose of Metaphysics

The purpose of metaphysics is to take the devoted spiritual aspirant from the place of having faith that God is… to knowing God is. 

Not just believing with all your heart and soul and mind that God exists and what God is like, but directly experiencing God and the spiritual realities of life for yourself.

To “see God face-to-face” while still living in a physical body.

This is not something that happens overnight. There is long training and study with an illumined, living spiritual teacher required to attain your enlightenment.

There is no short cut to enlightenment.

It’s not ABC 123 and –BINGO!– you’re magically attuned and enlightened.

That’s because we don’t just go to heaven.

We GROW to heaven.

The metaphysical path is designed to help souls grow. It is the path of spiritual ascent.

The Metaphysical Path is a Very Real, Ancient, and Noble Privilege

The path of the mystic has been with us almost from the beginning. Its followers have kept the light of truth burning for humanity no matter how dark the times.

And that is still our job today and for the days ahead.

So if you are hearing the call to the metaphysical life, I hope you will let nothing stand in your way so that you may answer that call.

You must be discerning, certainly; but most importantly, be courageous!

Don’t Miss Out on Answering the Call

I know it can be hard to know where to begin! There’s so much labeled as “metaphysics” that has little to do with what metaphysics is really all about. It can be a bit confusing and overwhelming!

Also, you may not find yourself in the most supportive environment at the moment for answering that call.

People you love may not understand what is happening within you.

But keep searching until you find what you’re looking for, and do what you must to respond to that inner prompting.

You will be so much more fulfilled for it, and the people and places around you will eventually adapt. Ultimately, they will benefit, too!

Your spiritual growth will only make you the best version of everything you are, every role you play. And as you continue to grow in the light, it can’t help but spill out to bless all those around you.

So seek your highest good, do good, and let them laugh!

So Many Are Ready, So Few Ready to Teach Them

The Good News. There are many “old souls” alive today who are meant to grow spiritually by leaps and bounds, much faster than usual because they are actually retracing steps they’ve taken in the past. These souls are meant to take the path of spiritual ascent metaphysics offers. Many are also meant to become genuine spiritual teachers themselves!

The Bad News. There are more students ready to take the path of ascent than there are qualified spiritual teachers ready to teach them. Without the teacher, a person simply cannot achieve that summit on their own.

This is the way it has always been. A person can go quite far on their own, but the teachers are an essential part of the spiritual process to help carry you all the way to the peak of your spiritual potential. 

Here I must clarify what type of teacher I am talking about.

While there are many types of spiritual teachers–from inspirational to educational and everything in between–and they all have their special place and wonderful purpose, few spiritual teachers are qualified to help students with their path of spiritual ascent.

That’s because this requires the teacher to be a genuinely awakened mystic, and that isn’t accomplished through independent study, classes, a diet change, a lot of chanting and breathing, and some major meditation time.

You can study on your own every thing there is to study on faith, religion, God, metaphysics, mind and spirituality–study it all for years and years and even have it all memorized–and still not achieve the level of spiritual development required to lead other souls in their spiritual ascent.

If the process of enlightenment depended on knowledge alone, we’d be living in a time surrounded by enlightened souls! But knowledge isn’t enough.

Yes, a very keen intellect is an essential part of the process, but there are other things that have to happen. Some of these things have to be done for you by a teacher who has already climbed to the place you are striving to reach, and has thereby acquired the spiritual power to help you get there, too.

Bottomline, the process I am speaking of can take decades, and depends on many factors.

It’s the hardest thing a human soul will ever do, earning their enlightenment, but it is the most exciting and rewarding journey there is.

Are you ready?

Do You Have a Desire to Help Others Grow Spiritually?

With demand for awakened spiritual teachers exceeding supply, and the road being a challenging and lengthy one, there is an urgent need for some of us–who are actually called to become awakened spiritual teachers ourselves–to get on the ball!

But before those of us called to teach can be qualified to help others in their ascent, we have to attain that goal for ourselves.

To do that, you must study under a qualified awakened spiritual teacher yourself.

You are so needed! Who knows how many other beautiful people may be counting on you to have the courage and conviction to make this journey now, so you can help them make theirs?

I hope and pray that if the goal of becoming a spiritual teacher speaks to you, or you simply want to grow as much as you can in this life and just be an enlightened doctor, or enlightened businessman, or enlightened musician, or enlightened janitor or whatever you may be, that you too will find the teachers you were meant to study with to take you to the next level of your journey back to God.

If you feel you’re ready, you’ve had your spiritual awakening and are looking earnestly now (though you may not have realized what you were looking for!), it never hurts to pray that you be steered to just the right person at just the right time.

For it really is true…when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I’m Just Pointing the Way. You Judge for Yourself.

If any of this speaks to you.

If you’ve had your spiritual awakening.

If you’re searching for the next steps for your spiritual growth.

Or most especially if you believe you might be meant to one day teach others…

I am just here to point the way for you.

I am just bringing these ideas to your awareness so you can take a look, consider them, seek the guidance of that still small voice, and judge for yourself.

As I write in this blog about my spiritual journey to that great goal of enlightenment and becoming a spiritual teacher, and work hard to live these spiritual teachings to the best of my ability and learn my life lessons, I look forward to traveling along with you on your own journey, my brother or sister in light!

Thank you for reading this. Scroll down to leave any comments or questions below and I will get back to you shortly. Feel free to email me privately, too, if you prefer.

I wish you every success, every fruit of the spirit, and a lifetime that sees you achieve your highest potential and purpose.

May God bless you and everyone in your life.


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  • AvatarDesa says:

    You are so right, dear Henderson, we do all want enlightenment! Consciously aware of this desire or not, it is still there because it is every single human soul’s destiny to attain it…and then go even further. It is also fair to say that many who consciously desire enlightenment aren’t ready to meet the demands of the road to it. It is a mighty undertaking. But that’s just our human, lower nature that desires a lot but doesn’t want to pay a price. All of us have some area in our life where we are like that–wanting, but not wanting to work for it.Everything worthwhile is like that!We first just have to decide on what we want and commit. Then stick to it until we attain the goal. As above, so below. All these other goals we’ve had and worked for and won in a small way are preparation for what it takes to reach the great goal of our spiritual liberation.If you feel at all like becoming a spiritual teacher is part of what you are here to do, you can’t get started soon enough! The world is waiting for you.You are so welcome, and thank you for all the light you add to the world.Respectfully,Desa

  • AvatarDesa says:

    I’m so glad this spoke to you, dear Tomas! You are exactly right in why people may not understand when you try to put into words what’s going on inside you right now spiritually. The soul does indeed only learn through EXPERIENCE. Haven’t we all been on the receiving end of people scratching their heads at us, wondering why we just don’t get something that seems so obvious to them? Well, we cannot grasp what is outside of our consciousness. As we build up more spiritual power, through every experience, our consciousness grows and then one day — LIGHT BULB!Most often, the soul won’t even begin to make the journey back to God until literally lifetimes of pain and suffering awaken the soul to the realization that there must be a higher life. That’s why when life is a little too good, we can sometimes abandon the path altogether, forgetting everything we learned. It is a back and forth process of spiritual growth like this. Then finally, one day, the soul has just HAD IT! And no loved one, no money, no fame, no reward, no temptation, no addiction, no hint of earthly power or possessions will deter that soul anymore for rising up into their True Self, and making that journey back home to the Kingdom of God, the place where we all came from.May you find all the courage and strength, motivation and determination you need Tomas to follow that inner voice the next time it calls you to you, and refuse to surrender to less than your highest good.Thank you also for your kind words about this page.  I write and share what I can as I am inspired to from what I have learned, the results I live in our Great Good Perfect Heavenly Parent’s hands.Respectfully,Desa

  • AvatarDesa says:

    With a handle like AmDetermined, I believe you are a courageous person who is willing to step outside their comfort zone, right? LOL!Thank you for your frankness in admitting you’d never heard such information as this before. You, and others like you, are probably the very reason why I was inspired to start sharing these things in such a strong, public way. There is just so much confusion and misinformation and fear around this subject, and I have been blessed to find and study the clearest teachings on this topic available perhaps anywhere. It feels like a duty to start helping put this out there for others who are searching as I was. We are living in truly miraculous times, and the world is preparing to make some major leaps spiritually. Restoring the subject of metaphysics and the mystery schools to their proper former place of respect, dignity, honor, and significance is a must so that can happen. Renewing the religions of the world and helping them to once again work hand-in-hand to uplift humanity is part of that process, too. In some ways, it is like the whole world is ready for revival, a spiritual renaissance like we have not seen since who knows when!Until then, yes, there are a lot of pitfalls, traps, and tricks on the spiritual path to look out for, false teachers being a biggie. But as long as we do our best to practice the Golden Rule, and if we just turn to God and seek guidance from our Divine Spirit in all things, we will always be steered right where we need to be, always make the right choice. And then, we must act!Respectfully,Desa

  • AvatarDesa says:

    You are correct. Metaphysics, like the topics of politics and religion in general, is a sensitive subject. The concern you have about your family and friends–their potential, initial negative reaction when they learn you are pursuing metaphysics–is one you share with so many dear souls who are really ready to start on the metaphysical path…but hesitate. In fact, it is ONE OF THE TOP REASONS A LOT of metaphysical students fall short of their spiritual potential or start on the path, but then quit: pressure and disapproval, suspicion and misunderstandings from loved ones.Thank you for raising this subject, as I realized that as I started writing my reply to you, this subject is so important and central to this work, that I really ought to write a whole post about it. So I have started it and will get it published this week. When I do, I will notify you.For now, the bottom line is this: God is your only obligation. You will not be called to answer to them for why you failed to respond to and fulfill this major part of your purpose in this life, and your loved one’s disapproval will not excuse you. You can still love them and follow the path you have actually worked very, very, VERY hard through lifetimes of work to earn to privilege to walk. And besides, if you don’t pursue it in this life, you will still have to do it in a future life…but the circumstances will likely only be harder, the teachings or teachers you receive may not be as strong.In the end, it takes GUTS to walk away from the crowd. Being a spiritual student means being willing to walk away from everything–even our family and friends–to follow God. This is the story of every great illumined soul that has walked this earth.  This is one of the very first tests of walking this path. And it is a toughie.BUT!!!! The good news is that, the people in our life, the ones who really do love us or are just really good people themselves no matter what they believe in (or don’t) spiritually, always come around. Otherwise, this work helps us drop a lot of the negative influences in our life that may have been holding us back all along.This journey, the path to spiritual enlightenment and advancement, is worth every single earthly sacrifice.So Ro, I would just encourage you to take your concerns now to God, pray about it, ask for guidance and direction on this matter from your Divine Spirit…then watch and listen…and when some teacher or teaching really speaks to you–ACT! The first teacher you work with may not be the last, you may have to kiss a few toads at first (LOL!), but if you are sincere and persistent in your search…Then when the student is ready, the (right) teacher will appear!Wishing you every success in fulfilling your beautiful destiny in this life.Respectfully,Desa

  • AvatarHenderson says:

    Everyone wants enlightenment but not everyone is ready to take the holy path to attain such spiritual enlightenment. I have needed spiritual education for a while, but I didn’t know where I could get accurate teachings. As you have said, there are less qualified spiritual teachers in supply than there are in demand. I will check out what you’ve posted and maybe someday I can become a teacher, too. Thank you for this rare post.

  • AvatarTomas Bishop says:

    Wow! This really speaks to me. There have been so many times in my life when I felt myself “awakening” and drawing closer to God. I fall back often but each time I experienced life in a new light, in a way I can’t even put into words now. Most people don’t understand when I try to tell them. But I don’t blame them. It’s like they have to travel the road themselves before they can understand. Hopefully, this article will open people’s eyes a little more, maybe awaken something in them that’s been dormant.

  • AvatarAmDetermined says:

    Your post about metaphysics is educating because firstly this is my first time ever hearing this type of information. Also, I like how you’re explaining about the good news and bad news where some teachers aren’t yet worthy to be teachers. Sharing your experience is helpful. I am always glad to try every new thing that comes my way.

  • AvatarRoDarrick says:

    Hi Desa, this is a very sensitive discourse you have talked about up here. The issue of metaphysics and spirituality cannot be overlooked by anyone who seeks to make exploits in this physical world. In truth, the shortage of real teachers who can help to strengthen the call and prepare us for the task ahead has been a real barrier to the development of metaphysics. Seriously, I have had calls but I just don’t know how to cope with my family and friends and how they would be looking at me and their various comments about me. I don’t know what to do.

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