Meaning of the Metaphysical – The Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

By Desa | Mystics and Mysticism

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Many posts here are inspired in full or in part by the teachings of Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, co-founders of the non-profit metaphysical training center, the Spiritual Arts Institute (SAI).

It’s an exciting time to be alive because many are seeking spiritual truth, and asking what it really means to grow spiritually. What makes things all the more thrilling for spiritual truth-seekers like you and me is that there has literally NEVER been a better time to grow more spiritually in the whole history of the world than right now! 

That’s why there’s so much talk and excitement around the topic these days. But what are we supposed to be doing to make the most of this opportunity? What is the purpose and role of metaphysics in our spiritual growth and how do we take the next steps?

Hope you come away with a better understanding of the purpose of metaphysics from this article. Leave your comments below and let me know what questions you may have.

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