What is the Human Aura? – Shape, Design, and Composition of Your Spiritual Bank Statement and How to Change It


what is the human aura - shape, design and composition

You are indeed like an iceberg. In other words, the physical part of you–the only part most of your fellow humans can see–is a fraction of your total being. There is also a spiritual energy aspect of your anatomy. This vibratory essence is called the aura, and every living thing has one. Nonliving things do, too, but we’ll cover that in a future post!

In this post, we will offer an introductory exploration of what is the human aura in terms of its overall structure and composition. We will also touch on why the aura can be likened to a bank statement, and how you can begin working with your own aura to enhance its power. Such work can help create the changes you want to see in your outer life with greater ease, efficiency, and intelligence.

The human aura comes in three specific shapes

Like your physical body, the aura has a most definite shape and structure. In terms of shape, human auras come in three forms:

  • The most common aura is known as the mixed aura. It is spherical and most of us fall into this category of auric shape.
  • There is the devolving aura which is cubic. Fortunately, there are not many of these around, but even one is sadly one too many.
  • Finally, there is the enlightened aura. It is in the shape of a pointed oval and this is the aura we are all destined to earn one day.The enlightened aura illustration from Change Your Aura, Change Your Life.

I have included an illustration of the enlightened aura taken from Change Your Aura, Change Your Life. You can find many other wonderful illustrations of the aura in this book and in The Healing Power of Your Aura, including the mixed and devolving aura.

The human aura is highly detailed, organized, and multilayered

Take a good look at the enlightened aura illustration again. The part of the aura pictured here is the portion known as the spiritual aura.

1. Many Layers

The spiritual aura is perhaps the most famous aspect, but there is so much more to your divine anatomy than this! In fact, even highly trained, enlightened mystics cannot see the aura all at once in its entirety, but can only zoom in on a few different aspects at a time.

Some other layers or aspects of the complete human aura include:

  • The astral body
  • The magnetic division
  • The spiritual division
  • The color division
  • The mental body
  • The nerve body
  • The soul light
  • The spiritual centers (commonly referred to as chakras)
  • The astral, etheric, mental, and causal templates – each with its own set of chakras
  • The mental etheric body and mental etheric silvery point
  • The Higher Self Point of Spiritual Knowing

The above covers most of the aspects of the aura, but there is even more. Various writers throughout history have written of some of these aspects, and different parts have been described under different names.

I hope you can begin to understand the multilayered nature of the human aura. It is a most fascinating study!

The aura has many levels and layers. This illustration is just scratching the surface and is somewhat representative if the template levels.

2. Highly Detailed.

Notice the many details of this enlightened spiritual aura we are looking at here. See the fully opened crown chakra above the head, the beautiful shapes hovering near the top, the rainbow-like shape above, and all the different points of light.

Would you ever think that simply describing this as a “white aura” or “purple aura” would be sufficient to help another picture what the aura really looks like?

Of course not!

Such descriptions are obviously a major oversimplification of this tremendously intricate part of our being.

The confusion, misinformation, and outright false ideas about the aura are only natural given that so few can really see the aura–and many who claim they do can only see parts of it because they see what can be seen psychically versus what can be seen only mystically. Not to mention the chaos caused by different people and cultures using different names for the same auric aspects.

The human aura is definitely not just a few fuzzy colors floating around the body in amorphous globs as images on Google, so-called “aura photography,” and most writings on this subject might lead you to believe.

3. Organized.

Looking again at the illustration, do you perceive the sharply delineated compartments and bands of the aura?

Clearly, certain spiritual energies are concentrated in certain places.

The swirlies are pretty but also very inaccurate.What we do not see is a misty shroud of mixed colors swirling around. There is a certain order and arrangement to the aura. Great thought, skill, creativity, and a most definite intelligent purpose must have preceded such a design. It is no accident.

Why the aura may be likened to a spiritual bank statement

The aura is composed of spiritual energy. Metaphysics defines spiritual energy as the divine light that propels the life force of God to all creation, or, another way of describing it is as the conduit of consciousness.

By divine birthright, every single soul on earth has access to a limitless reservoir of spiritual energy you might think of as a divine bank account. We draw on this account every day of our lives; this divine light sustains us and our aura, and it is what gives us the power to do everything we are here to do. Before something can show up in our lives, the spiritual energy for that something must first register in our aura.

Everything you feel, think, and do radiates a spiritual energy that comes through in different colors, shapes, and hues. Your talents, skills, spirituality, character traits, health, prosperity, and much, much more are all reflected in your aura.

It is like the blueprint of your soul. It is also like a bank statement, clearly showing how you are spending the spiritual energy you receive. Good thoughts and deeds attract and build beautiful energies in the aura. Mean, base thoughts and deeds will corrupt and defile the once good energies in the aura, robbing them of their original divine essence.

We really do create ourselves as we go! It all shows up in the aura. Every credit and debit is there. You can put on a mask for others, but the aura never lies.It all stacks up.

You can change your aura – it is not fixed

Thank goodness we are never, ever stuck with an aura as it is if we have a desire to change it.

As mentioned, you are not simply a “blue aura” or “gold aura” person–you are spiritually multifaceted. That is why most of us have the mixed aura which shows both bright and dark energies but tends more toward bright.

However, we are all here to learn and grow out of those dark energies, and the mechanism to transmute and release those dark energies is very simple to understand. It can just be hard to do.

An example of the most common means to change the aura

For example, let us say that you are prone to outbursts or anger. Maybe you really holler and scream at your partner when you are upset with them or have been known to chew out customer service representatives on the phone.

If it becomes usual and habitual for you to communicate your frustrations with strong anger, you will build an energy in the aura that corresponds to this way of thinking and feeling. In this case, the energy is typically a maroon-looking vitiated red. This is a really ugly energy. In the aura, the vitiated red will often form firecracker-like points of light all throughout the auric field, and jagged lightning bolt-like forms can be seen radiating out from the spiritual centers at the emotional and throat levels. Plus, strong bursts of uncontrolled rage and anger can inflict major damage to other aspects of the aura, causing tears and leakages.

One outburst of anger can linger in the aura for TWO WEEKS!

So how do we begin to repair the damage and transform our aura so that we no longer allow our anger to control us?

First, let us say that we have actually come to realize we lack the emotional self-control of our anger. Congratulations! Recognizing our shortcomings can be the hardest but most important first step.

Now that you see this about yourself, you can bet you have that vitiated red energy in your aura. But intellectual recognition of our faults doesn’t instantly wipe them away. Additionally, while we should ideally seek to ask forgiveness from God and others, their forgiveness does not give us an instantly clean slate either.

Why should it? We are here to learn, and how can we learn the lesson if we never have to practice behaving the right way?

Here is where the next hard part comes in: we have to make a conscious effort to change. If you have been angry, you must now practice being patient, peaceful and loving. Start with the decision to choose to react differently. Ask yourself what is the highest and most noble thing I can do in this situation–then do that. Prepare to be tested, over and over!

As you continue to quickly let the little things go, you will release or transmute the old ugly vitiated red energy and build up more of the enlightened energies, in this case, the deep rose pink of spiritual love or the emerald green of balance and harmony. Once the lesson is fully learned, and your new natural response is that the little foibles and failings of others can’t even bother you, you have transformed part of your aura and built up more spiritual power.

You have thus earned more divine light and risen slightly in consciousness. And that is the most important thing you can aim to achieve every day–earn a little more light.

The greatest tool for consciously cooperating with the divine to change the aura

The above means to change the aura is open to everyone and is, in fact, happening for most people every day, whether they are conscious of the process and whether they believe in these things or not. That is simply the natural spiritual process of the soul’s unfoldment and growth.

However, we can also consciously cooperate with this process and thus enhance our spiritual development and our auric power by meditating with the divine light. 

Meditating with Divine Light using the Higher Self Meditation is most effective.The Higher Self Meditation of the Kingdom of Light teachings, as taught by the Barbara Martin and Dimitri Moraitis of the Spiritual Arts Institute is an extremely effective technique for meditating with divine light.

There are many spiritual energies you can work with, depending on what consciousness you need. When you raise your consciousness in the Higher Self Meditation, you are communing with the divine and you can then request that the needed energy be sent to you. After you receive the blessing, you then must follow through by acting on that energy to make it become a permanent part of your consciousness. Over time, this will build in the aura.

This process is happening to everyone every day. However, by being an active participant in the process, you make it possible to make sure that you are aware of what has been received and are therefore focusing on acting on that energy to maintain it. Otherwise, we often receive those blessings throughout the day, but dissipate them by not following through due to our lack of awareness of what has been given.

It is also most beneficial to seek out a good spiritual healer from time to time. The divine can use them as another channel for sending the divine light to your directly. When you are mentally or emotionally out of sorts or have experienced traumas and major shocks, this becomes extra beneficial as you may be blocking your reception of the light with the muddled mental energies you are creating in your distressed state.

This has been true for me, and so I highly recommend giving spiritual healing a try.

Hope we have shed a little light on the human aura for you!

To recap, the aura has a definite shape and design. It is multi-layered and organized. It is composed of spiritual energy and we receive this energy with every word, thought, act and deed. How we use the energy we receive determines how it registers in our aura.

We create our aura as we go. The aura never lies. But we are not stuck with an aura the way it is. We can change it with the right action through conscious effort, and we can accelerate that change by meditating with Divine Light and seeking spiritual healing from a good healer.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got something you could benefit from out of it. What are your thoughts? Please leave any questions or comments in the comments section below and I will follow up with you, pronto!

In Light and Love,

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