What is the Human Aura? – Shape, Design, and Composition of Your Spiritual Bank Statement

By Desa | Meditation

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Many posts here are inspired in full or in part by the teachings of Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, co-founders of the non-profit metaphysical training center, the Spiritual Arts Institute (SAI).

You are indeed like an iceberg. In other words, the physical part of you–the only part most of your fellow humans can see–is a fraction of your total being. There is also a spiritual energy aspect of your anatomy. This vibratory essence is called the aura, and every living (and even nonliving) thing has one.

I can almost guarantee that whatever you have learned or heard about the aura doesn’t even scratch the surface, and much perhaps, is just plain wrong. In this post, we will focus on the human aura to explore what is the human aura in terms of its overall design, shape, structure, and composition. We will also learn why the aura has been called your spiritual bank statement.

This is a long and thorough article, so grab yourself a drink and kick up your feet. If you need to pin this baby for later, I recommend doing that now!

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