What is the Higher Self? – How to Connect With Your Higher Self

By Desa | Higher Self

What is the Higher Self? Your “Higher Self” isn’t just a nice idea, an image you can hold in your mind to envision the noblest version of yourself…though it can be that, too. It isn’t some incomprehensible, wispy-woo-woo mumbo-jumbo either.

The Higher Self that I am detailing in this post is a crucially important part of our invisible spiritual anatomy. So let’s dive in and learn a little more about it. If you’d like to read a highly practical, and complete book on this topic, I recommend this best-selling and award-winning book based on 50 years of metaphysical teaching.

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Where is the Higher Self?

The Higher Self is a spiritual  “center” that you can work with which is very important for receiving the Divine Light in our meditations. Its full mystical name is The Higher Self Point of Spiritual Knowing.

This spiritual center is located 24 inches above your physical head.

What Does the Higher Self Look Like?

It is about 3 inches in diameter, and is stationary–it does not rotate as some of your chakras do.


The Higher Self Point is gold in color with a lighter gold nucleus. It radiates “thousands of gold and white threadlike rays” like a little golden sun. The more connected you are with it, the more radiant it will become.

What is the Higher Self Point of Spiritual Knowing?

The Higher Self Point (HSP), as described in arguably the most authoritative book on this subject “is the emissary, the spiritual link between you and your divine source…it guides the whole light process…all the spiritual light you receive from the divine source has to first pass through your Higher Self to reach you…it does this automatically, but when you call on the light consciously, it greatly increases the light that your Higher Self Point can give you.”

Why is the Higher Self Point Important?

Without it, you would be unable to connect with the light directly.

In The Healing Power of Your Aura, Barbara Martin writes:

“The beauty of your HSP is that it’s already in its divine awareness and therefore in a state of perfection. It’s a greater part of you, completely aware of the spiritual realms above it and yet keenly aware of what is happening to you, here and now.

You can completely rely on the Higher Self. It has no blemishes, no human traits to disappoint you. It’s totally reliable and truly is a guiding force in steering your soul in its evolution. The Higher Self is always with you and always working for you, whether you are aware of it or not. As you align yourself with its power, its effectiveness greatly multiplies.”

Okay, so very important, right?

How to Connect With Your Higher Self

Meditate with Divine Light to connect to your higher self point.

Hands down, meditating with Divine Light is one of the best ways I’ve learned in my years of prayer and meditating experience to connect with your Higher Self. After some trial and error, I discovered the Higher Self Meditation as taught in Change Your Aura, Change Your Life, and I haven’t looked back since.

The difference was so noticeable to me, that I just had to start classes at the Spiritual Arts Institute to learn more. Studying with a teacher never seemed that important, but now I understand why that is actually such a crucial part of the whole design of our spiritual evolution.

Not every soul is ready for that step though, but just practicing the meditation on your own will still be a beautiful and life-changing revelation of the genuinely divine nature of things–including yourself.

Try the Higher Self Meditation for Yourself

Even before I started studying directly with the “Mozart of Metaphysics” at the Spiritual Arts Institute, I knew this meditation technique was very special.

Our Higher Self knows the answers. It is always, always, always trying to steer us to our greatest good. As you continue to meditate, you will become more and more connected with this power and you’ll just know what the right thing to say or do is all the time.

Now whether or not we actually do what our Higher Self is guiding us to do is a whole other topic!

My advice? Hang in there! Be patient with yourself and trust the process.

More and more, as I have consistently meditated over the last 8 years, I have gained the power to significantly transform my life. When people say to me, “You’ve changed, you’re not like you use to be,” I smile. This is the light of God at work in my life.

It will change your life, too.

Don’t take my word for it! The work can speak for itself. I sincerely encourage you to learn more about it and try it. Get in the habit of connecting with your Higher Self Point every day and watch the miracles that come into your life.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, please scroll down and leave them below and I will be happy to help you out!

In Light & Love,


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