What is Spiritual in Health and Wellness? – If You Get Sick What is the Best Approach Physically AND Spiritually

By Desa | Health

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Many posts here are inspired in full or in part by the teachings of Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, co-founders of the non-profit metaphysical training center, the Spiritual Arts Institute (SAI).

It is unfortunate that we find ourselves in a time where thinking is so sharply polarized when it comes to the question of how an “intelligent” or “spiritual” person should go about seeking healing for any illness they may develop. A sincere spiritually-minded soul, devoted to God and seeking to serve His will in all things great and small may ask, “What is spiritual in health and wellness?”

Is prayer for a healing, or alternative holistic treatments we can administer ourselves enough? Is this the right and best way thing to do spiritually? Others may wonder, “Does prayer and ‘spiritual healing’ even work?”

What about doctors? Aren’t doctors the true healing experts? Don’t their years of training and study qualify them to always be our first, best and maybe even our only choice in matters of health? Or as true believers in God and the power of Spirit, we may instead wonder are doctors unnecessary? Just selling disease?

This is a long-ish article, so grab yourself a healthy drink and kick up your feet.

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Prayer for A Healing - What about Doctors?

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