What is Divine Light? – Your Key to Personal & Spiritual Growth 

 March 30, 2019

By  Desa

In this post, we are going to look specifically at what is Divine Light (also known as spiritual energy): its constitution, source, how it works to reach us, and the important significance and purpose of divine light in our lives. We will give the definition of divine light as metaphysical traditions define it. We’ll also briefly touch on methods to start working with divine light in a more direct way, including the single greatest secret of all for growing in this spiritual power.

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Divine Light is Like Your Spiritual Bank Account

In a previous post, we described how the human aura can be likened to a spiritual bank statement.

Similarly, we can say that spiritual energy–or the Divine Light–is like a spiritual bank account.


To recap a little of what we covered in the above post: at all times, each of us is automatically drawing spiritual energy from this spiritual bank account–an unlimited reservoir of living light–into our own auric field. How we use that light (or “spend” it) with our every word, thought, act, and deed registers in the aura, just like a bank statement. Your spiritual bank account is ALWAYS in the black!

Why does it all show up there?

Because the aura is a blueprint of the soul, a reflection of how our soul has used the divine light. The aura itself is composed entirely of divine light. It is made up of the spiritual energy we have been given, earned or attracted over the years. All those spiritual energies accumulate in the aura.

The good, enlightened and noble qualities of character we have exhibited show up in the aura in many beautiful hues of all colors of the rainbow…and so many more; the once beautiful Divine Light we have corrupted through misuse shows up in dark unenlightened shades, ranging from ugly vitiated red to black…with many shades in between.

And it’s all there. Who we TRULY are is stamped on the aura.

The aura does not lie.

So just like a bank statement lays out in black and white ink your debits and credits, so too does your aura lay out in colors of brilliant or not-so-brilliant light what you have been doing with the Divine Light you’ve received from your spiritual bank account.


Divine Light, The Conduit of Consciousness

As far as Divine Light composition, for starters, it is perceived as hues of an infinite variety of colors, but it is also a living experience.

Divine Light is Seen AND Experienced

Spiritual beings and those with awakened mystical senses don’t just see the Divine Light…they can actually have an experience of being completely immersed in the vibration that each hue represents–Love, Peace, Joy, etc.

For example, you might notice how many who’ve had near death experiences try to describe this same “experience” of the Divine Light of God. They don’t just see it, but describe being “embraced” or “touched” or “immersed” in “overwhelming” peace, joy, love, warmth, etc.

Even those who cannot see it directly often feel its “vibration.” Haven’t we all said things like, “I like that guy’s vibe” or “I just get a bad vibe in that place?”

You were in some small way experiencing the Divine Light!

The Definition of Divine Light

The reason for this is found in the definition of Divine Light.

Divine Light is defined as the spiritual energy that propels the Life Force of God to all creation. A shorter definition is that Divine Light is the conduit of consciousness. 

The Source of Divine Light and How it Works

These definitions reveal some pretty amazing and important distinctions about Divine Light.

First, the Ultimate Source of all Divine Light is God, and God alone. Divine Light is the conduit of consciousness

Second, that the divine light or spiritual energy is only a container.

It works as a conveyance system to bring something directly from the Godhead to us; just like a pipe brings water from the nearby water treatment facility to our home.

It is what that Divine Light of God is carrying to us that is significant.

What is found carried within each spiritual energy is consciousness…God’s own consciousness of love, wisdom, peace, prosperity, confidence, motivation, organization, intelligence, inspiration, etc.

That pure, perfect Divine Light of God carries His own consciousness to us like water through a pipe. And just like clean water from our pipes, once that pure consciousness of God reaches us, we decide whether or not we are going to put it to use productively, waste it, or muck it up.

We are just touching on this subject here in this post.

There is so much more to talk about, but right here are some huge ideas to contemplate!

The Importance of Divine Light for Our Life’s Pursuits

There is a spiritual law that says “if it shows up in your aura then it will show up in your life.”

And the opposite is also true.

Why We Need Divine Light to Achieve Anything

For something to show up in your life, the spiritual energy for it must first be present in your aura.

Like physical light is necessary for the health and nourishment of the body, Divine Light is necessary for the nourishment of the soul, giving it the power to express itself.

That means that if your aura is lacking in the Divine Light required to manifest something, then you lack the spiritual power necessary to bring forth that quality or thing in your manifested life.

What this means is that everything we do, create, achieve, think, and feel requires power.

That power is the Divine Light.

How We Build Up Divine Light and Our Spiritual Power

Since another definition of the aura is that it is an individualized expression of the universal life force, that means we are all attracting and expressing in our own unique way energies corresponding to how we live our life.Divine Light gives you the spiritual power to fulfill your life's purpose

For example, an artist will attract the creative spiritual energies more–like powder blue and electric blue–while a scientist will attract a lot more of the mental spiritual energies, such as silver and lemon yellow.

As we attract and build up the corresponding Divine Light for what we wish to accomplish or whatever we are focused on doing, it accumulates in our aura.

Over time, as we stay focused and intent upon a chosen goal or pursuit, we are directing the accumulating spiritual energies toward that goal, and at the right time, that goal cannot help but manifest itself in our life.

Change your aura, change your life is a spiritual law. But the change must start in the spiritual first before it can show up in the physical.

So we must be patient in building a new career, for example, because it is not just the physical components and resources of the new career we are trying to put together. We are actually trying to build up the spiritual power in our aura, too.

The most exciting part is that this natural process not only helps us bring into existence our goals and dreams if we stick to our goal but in that process, the Divine Light fundamentally changes our character!

The more light we earn in positive pursuits, the more our own consciousness is elevated…and the more power we have to accomplish anything.

So receiving and earning as much light as possible is very important.

And squandering or wasting the light we receive through misuse just isn’t worth it if we want to live up to our full potential.

The Greatest Secret for Spiritual Growth

As I mentioned, we are all already being given light or attracting it at all times. Spiritual energy is what sustains our very life.

It is spiritual energy–not electricity or physical energy–that holds the atom together. If that light was withdrawn even for an instant, we would cease to exist.

But we can consciously cooperate with this natural spiritual process in a way that allows us to earn and accumulate even more light, thereby accelerating our spiritual growth, and helping us achieve any of our goals much faster and more smoothly.


First, we can put in what I like to call “spiritual overtime.”

Put in some spiritual overtime every day.If every single good word, thought, act and deed, no matter how small, naturally attracts and builds up more spiritual power in our aura, then you want to aim for goodness in every single thing you do!

The simplest way to remember how to make that happen has already been shared with us by every true spiritual and religious tradition, every divinely inspired sage and philosopher from time immemorial.

You’ve heard it, no doubt.

So while it should be no secret to you, it is perhaps the greatest secret for living of all time. Like all great divine secrets, it is so simple to understand, but the hardest thing to actually do.

I love best how Mother Theresa put it:

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can all do small things with great love.”

But the single greatest living example of this spiritual secret said it best:

“Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

What Is the Spiritual or Metaphysical Definition of Love

Love really is the most important power in the Universe.

I am not just copping out here or blowing glittery mystical pixie dust up your arse on this, I promise!

If you ever hope to:

  • grow spiritually
  • reach enlightenment
  • be the best possible spiritual healer you can be
  • awaken your mystical senses to see the light, the angels
  • know God face to face for yourself…

…LOVE IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. Strive more and more to put it in everything you say and do.

Love is defined in metaphysics as the bond that holds creation together.

Love is the reason for creation and love is the creation.

Your own soul is, in a sense, is created from the highest degree of Pure Love.

So Love is Life, and Life is Love!


Watch Your Motives

In the end, we are judged based on our MOTIVES.

So if you simply keep that loving perspective alive, and let love and kindness be the primary motivation as much as you possibly can, you will accumulate so much spiritual power, and accelerate your own spiritual growth exponentially.

And get this…that is true whether you believe in God or not!

There are a lot of believers who fail in this most essential test, while there are those with no belief who are growing more and faster spiritually because they already unconsciously have learned and understand this at a soul level.

So go and put in that spiritual overtime!

Make a study of love.

Love thy neighbor as thyself and watch miracles unfold in your life.

How to Work With Divine Light Directly to Accelerate Spiritual Growth

Better have read that last section carefully because if you aren’t trying to put that last principle into practice, then no matter how much you use the methods in this last section, you will fail to grow much spiritually.

The metaphysical path is paved in love, as is every rung of the spiritual ladder.

Assuming you understood and are willing to start working on mastering that last section–though it may take the rest of your life, it will be time well spent–a most incredibly efficient way to receive even more spiritual power is to work with Divine Light directly in meditation.

As I wrote in another post below, meditation can be like the other half of a conversation with God, if you approach it with the conscious intention of receiving the light in answer to your prayers.


Prayer is a sending out; it is you talking to God, asking Him for what you need.

Meditation is the missing other half; it is receiving the answer from the Divine.

That answer is delivered to you in the form of the Divine Light!

How Prayer & Meditation Works With Divine Light

So, for example, when we pray to God that we are lonely and sad, please help, what we are really crying out for is God’s love.

At that moment, we are saying we are lacking in our awareness of love and joy. The answer to our prayer and the “cure” to our problem comes in the form of the Divine Light (in this case it will be in a deep rose pink hue), carrying in it that consciousness of love and joy you are lacking.

Take time to commune with God and the Divine Light daily.

But you can work with Divine Light more directly by incorporating meditation with prayer.

When you work with Divine Light in meditation, you are consciously asking to receive the exact light you need — the exact consciousness you feel you are lacking in and need to build more awareness of.

This conscious awareness is so important because the key to growing in the light is in the application.

If we are not aware of what has been given, we may miss the opportunity to apply that blessing of light in our actions. The application is what makes the light a permanent part of our aura, rather than a temporary uplifting blessing.

Prayer is still an important tool we should practice daily.

But if you cry out in prayer for love, but lack awareness that you have received that Divine Light of love from God, then immediately go out and act like a jerk to some store clerk, that blessing dissipates.

You have lost your opportunity there to retain that light permanently and thereby build your spiritual power to accomplish more.

It is only as you use it properly, by expressing that new awareness of love in your life, that the light becomes a permanent part of your aura. Repeat this process and it all builds up over time.

The Higher Self Meditation

The Higher Self Meditation, as taught by Barbara Y. Martin of Spiritual Arts Institute is one highly effective and practical forms of meditation I’ve practiced for almost nine years that works beautifully to draw more Divine Light into your aura. It teaches you first how to raise your consciousness into your Higher Self, allowing you to connect even stronger with the light.

Click on the link above to learn more about Barbara and SAI, or you can purchase her award-winning and best-selling book all about this meditation and working with the aura here.

However, if you can always simply just ask that the light be sent to you or others.

You might say, “Please send me the light of love,” or peace, or prosperity, or joy, or motivation, or inner strength or any other number of attributes of God you might feel lacking in.

Try it and see what you think.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please scroll down further to the comments section below and leave any questions or comments, or contact me via email, and I will be happy to connect with you and help out however I can.

In Light & Love,



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