What is Conversation with God About? – Missing One of the Greatest Keys to Spiritual Growth

By Desa | Enlightenment

What is conversation with God about? A good conversation has two aspects: a speaker and a listener, a question and a reply. Authentic, productive, and enriching conversation is a mutual giving….and a receiving. It is just the same with our “conversations” with God. 

Prayer is part of that conversation process with God, and we should aim to pray every single day. Yet, if you are working with prayer alone, you may be missing out on what the fullest possible experience of communing with the Divine can be like. In this post, we will examine the process behind our communication with God, and outline how you can more fully commune with the Divine.

This is a long one, so grab yourself a drink and kick up your feet. If you need to pin this baby for later, I recommend doing that now!

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First, Think of Your Conversations With Others

Let me ask you this: what do you think of a conversation that’s all one-sided

How does it make you feel, for example, when someone you love comes to you with a problem or complaint, then just goes on and on about it, but never stops to listen to what you have to say? 

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Why is that?

It’s frustrating because they won’t let you help them! 

You are standing outside of their problem, you’re not in the thick of the emotions of it, and can therefore see much more clearly what your loved one needs to do. Or maybe you have real wisdom born of experience to share; maybe you’ve faced and risen above the same problem they are facing now. 

You might be bursting to share with them some word or thought to lift them out of the murk of their mind and set them on a clearer course, but it’s to no avail. They won’t hear you out. 

They won’t listen. 

They won’t listen because they never switch over to receiving mode in their conversation. 

Sure, they may feel a little better unburdening themselves on your loving, listening ears, but that can be just a band-aid. Without a conscious shift in their way of thinking, they’ll be right back where they are again in no time. 

Prayer Alone is Like Having a One-Sided Conversation With God

In every challenge, in every problem, there is a lesson to be learned so we can avoid making the same mistakes in the future. So if we don’t allow new information in, we’ll just keep operating at the same level we were at before because the experience didn’t change our level of consciousness.

So it is with prayer. We should most definitely pray! Every single prayer is heard by the Divine—no matter who, no matter where—and every sincere prayer is answered. Praying for others is so important, too. 

But there is more to communing with God than praying.Praying alone is like a one sided conversation with God

The thing is, if we rely on prayer alone, we may miss out on recognizing and receiving the answer to our prayers, and miss the opportunity to act on what has been given. 

This is because prayer is the sending out mode of conversation with God. We must then switch to receiving mode if we really want to benefit from the Greatest Source of all wisdom, love, guidance, intelligence, creativity, and clarity. Then we can consciously receive God’s response to our prayers, apply it in our life, and thus allow God to change our consciousness–and by that, our lives–for the better.

Switching to Receiving Mode 

How do we switch to receiving mode? What is the seed we must sow daily to reap a life of transformation, growth, and renewal? 

Meditation is the missing ingredient. It is the other half of our conversation with God.

It’s like the saying that goes:

“Don’t worry that your heart may be broken, the crack is how the light gets in.”

How can we have a complete, life-changing relationship with God, if we don’t offer Him the space to get a Word in edgewise?

When we pray, we are sending out…talking to God. Of course, He knows our need before we do (and better than we do, for that matter); nevertheless, prayer is important and powerful.

But then we must take the time to listen. To stop what we are doing, raise our consciousness up and out of our troubles and worries, and be One with our Divine Source. 

Meditation is the best tool in the world to achieve this!

What Kind of Meditation?

I have no doubts that in almost every type of meditation and prayer technique out there we are unconsciously receiving some form of valuable spiritual upliftment—from just sitting quietly and listening after we’ve prayed, to deep breathing, to chanting, and so on. 

In the past, I have tried these methods myself and enjoyed some of them more than others. Yet I confess, I found almost every form of meditation difficult to stick with long-term, often feeling so uncomfortable with it, questioning whether or not I was really benefiting spiritually, really receiving back a reply, or just wasting my time. Happily, I persisted to experiment with meditation techniques anyway, though it still felt awkward and uncomfortable sometimes. 

It was just new, and like every new habit, it takes some getting used to, and it needs to be the right fit for your life and goals. 

When I stumbled upon the Higher Self Meditation as taught by Barbara Y. Martin of the Spiritual Arts Institute, from the very first time I worked with it, I knew I had found something truly special, sacred, and holy. Something that seemed to compliment my Christian roots, but would also compliment any genuine religious or spiritual background, too. Meditating with Divine Light using the Higher Self Meditation is most effective.

Later, I came to learn that is exactly how authentic metaphysical traditions are designed to be–not a substitute for religion or faith, but a compliment and enhancement meant to carry us the rest of the way to enlightenment. 

What is the Higher Self Meditation?

The Higher Self Meditation is different from many “eastern style” meditation practices, but no less powerful. This meditation is performed sitting upright in a chair, feet flat on the ground, and prayers and requests for specific rays of light are spoken out loud.

These prayerful meditations incorporate the conscious requesting of, and acceptance of, blessings of Divine Light. Divine Light carries in it the consciousness of the specific attribute of God you are requesting—peace, love, prosperity, wisdom, inspiration, intelligence, and many, many more.

This process of receiving light from the Divine is happening all the time anyway, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we believe in God or not. We are all always receiving Divine Light from God. It is what sustains our very existence. 

But through meditation with Divine Light as a tool of the metaphysical path, we are now becoming conscious participants in this natural spiritual process. This helps us to more fully connect with the light and really make the most of it, and thus we can experience accelerated spiritual growth, and an even deeper communion with God. 

This conscious cooperation with the Divine process of receiving and applying Divine Light in our lives is the foundation for growth that leads one day to a direct experience of God. This is the tool to help us bridge that gap between faith and knowing.

That is the whole goal of metaphysics: to help you evolve your soul, unfolding its full potential, and become a conscious participant in the spiritual processes of life.

Use It or Lose It

Why does it matter if we are conscious or not of when we receive Divine Light and what attribute of God we are being blessed with? 

Can’t we grow spiritually without meditating?

Of course you can and are growing whether or not you meditate. In fact, there are many who are not religious or spiritual in the least that may still be growing spiritually faster than those of us who are believers! That is because with every good word, thought, act, and deed we build up more spiritual power in our auras, and thus we evolve and grow. 

There are plenty of non-believers, non-meditators out there leading good, loving lives, working hard to fulfill their purpose, making the most of their talents, and so they are steadily growing spiritually.

So you don’t have to meditate to grow spiritually. But… 

If you are already a good person + you pray for yourself and others + you choose to meditate with Divine Light = 

you have an opportunity to grow much more quickly! 

One of the reasons for this is that you will know what consciousness you have just received and can apply it immediately in your life. 

It is as we apply the light we receive from God that it becomes a permanent part of our consciousness, and builds and builds as we continue to receive and immediately apply. Some of us may be excellent at calling on, receiving or otherwise attracting the light, but bomb on the whole using it part of the equation.

If we have received the light and failed to apply it, it dissipates. Blessings of Divine Light are temporary, made permanent only as you go out and apply the light you received. 

That’s why growing from our conversations with God really is a use it or lose it process!

Pray, Meditate, Receive, Apply, Grow, Repeat

I hope that I have helped you to understand a little better what is conversation with God about: 

  • sending out through prayer, 
  • meditating to consciously
  • receive back God’s blessings and guidance through His marvelous Divine Light, 
  • applying the light we have prayed for in our life, 
  • growing in spiritual power and awareness as we thus make this light a permanent part of our aura, then 
  • repeat.

Fail to apply the blessings of light you have received, and that light just dissipates…you’ve lost that opportunity to benefit from the answer to your prayers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you enjoyed it. 

What have been your experiences with meditation as a focused, practical tool for connecting with God or growing spiritually?

Scroll on down and let me know your thoughts or what questions you have in the comments below, and I will get back with you pronto. 

In Light & Love,


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  • AvatarDesa says:

    Thank you Alicia! What a huge compliment you have paid me, I am deeply honored and touched this post moved you that way. And you are pretty insightful; yes, it is true what you have said for SOME exclusively religious people, though you fail to recognize that religion is a spiritual practice, too. However, the same can be said in reverse for perhaps even MORE exclusively “spiritual” or metaphysical people–that spirituality is not in opposition to religion and it is best to incorporate more religion into our metaphysical practices.

    There are many who would consider themselves spiritual or metaphysical, but would not want to touch religion or even hear the word God! How crazy is that when getting to actually KNOW GOD IS is what the metaphysical path is all about! This shows a total lack of understanding.

    These are reasons why both the religions of the world and the metaphysical traditions of the world need a refresh–a renaissance. They have grown too rigid, stagnant and closed off from further divine inspiration.

    Religion and metaphysics: These are definitely two steps of the same ultimate path to enlightenment, one building on the other. Those who are religious only, but have fallen into the sort of rote ritualism without heart you have described, are maybe really just longing for this next step of incorporating metaphysics, but because of all the confusion and misunderstandings and suspicions built up around modern metaphysical practices, these poor souls dare not take that chance. And maybe some who would have considered themselves to be on a metaphysical path for years aren’t seeing the results they long for because their intolerance and prejudice toward religion has lead them to push away all the religious foundational principles the metaphysical path is meant to build upon.

    I found revisiting the religion of my childhood with my new metaphysical perspective only strengthens my faith and devotion to God and my spiritual growth. But the best part is how genuine metaphysics reignited my excitement for my faith, too, as you gain new understanding of what the religious teachings were all about, what they all have in common. You begin to see the unity behind them all and make sense of the seeming inconsistencies.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post.


  • AvatarDesa says:

    Thank you Kate! Yoga itself, as you no doubt already know, can be a great path for spiritual growth, if approached with that intention in mind–many of my fellow students at the Spiritual Arts Institute actually came to these metaphysical classes through yoga, and one of the board members is the owner of a studio called Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA. Just like you, they thought the Higher Self Meditation would be a great compliment to the work they were already doing. I hope you, too, enjoy bringing the Higher Self Meditation together with your yoga practice. The results will speak for themselves.

    Let me know if you have any questions!


  • AvatarKate says:

    I found your article really informative! I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for a while now but I’ve never really heard of Higher Self meditation. This sounds like a great way to practice and I really like how linked it is to faith and having a conversation with God. 

    This is a great way of growing spiritually and I can’t wait to take some of the steps the next time I’m looking to meditate. 

  • AvatarAlicia says:

    I love the way you have mixed spirituality and religion in this post.  The two are not mutually exclusive but often I see people being religious with no spiritual aspect.  It is all habit and routine without meaning.  Thank you for writing about this more spiritual approach, I think it is a much-needed discussion in religious circles.  Keep up the good work.

  • >