What are the 7 Chakras and Their Meanings – Focusing on the Four “Master Chakras” 

 April 2, 2019

By  Desa

What are the chakras really, and why is it important to work with the chakras if we want to accelerate our spiritual growth? When it comes to the subject of what are the 7 chakras and their meanings I find that most metaphysically-minded and even religious people think they already know everything they need to know about this topic.

While the religiously-minded tend to regard the subject with suspicion, fear or scorn, I meet others who are indeed well-versed on the subject of chakras, but seem to only know about the chakra systems that were most heavily emphasized in the Hindu and Tibetan faiths. Either way, they are all missing out big time!

Those chakra systems are not the key spiritual energy centers of the aura that we should be working with daily to build our spiritual power. You actually have several sets of 7 chakras, but you may not be focusing on the most important ones.

So what are the chakras? This is a long one, so grab yourself a drink and kick up your feet.

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First, You Have Way More than Seven Chakras

We all have chakras, the same spiritual centers that act as focal points of power. Their purpose is to help move Divine Light in and out of all levels of our consciousness.

Some may be surprised to learn that there are many spiritual centers in our auric makeup. Our spiritual and divine anatomy as a whole is richly complex, even just starting with the aura as I detailed in this post.

You have way more than seven chakras!

When it comes to our chakras we actually have four sets of seven chakras–and those are just the ones in and around our physical body!

There’s even more!

For this reason alone, you will see the chakras described differently in different places, and some sets of chakras are given more emphasis in some teachings and cultures than in others. In the Hindu and Tibetan faiths which most of the information we have about chakras comes from, they are talking about the sets of chakras related to parts of our spiritual anatomy known as the templates.

They are not talking about the key spiritual energy centers of the aura through which all the divine light we earn and use is received from the divine and transmitted to the rest of our body, consciousness, and aura.

What do the Chakras Look Like?

In light of the fact that we have more than a single set of seven chakras, most teachings available today are touching on only a small part of the whole.

Generally, you’ll find a lot of good and true information out there…but it is all kind of piecemeal. You sort of have to read between the lines, and still, it can be difficult to pull together a complete picture.

Yes, some chakras look like flower-like flat discs, for example. But others are simply like spheres of light.

Sizes do vary, sometimes significantly.

And some of the chakras are spinning in place. This spin is ideally in a clockwise direction if the centers are healthy and enlightened, counterclockwise if something is off. Other chakras remain stationary, motionless.

Finally, while there are some colors that are common to some chakras as normally described, some can vary a little in color from person to person, or have one color in their nucleus, being a different color outside the nucleus. Many can radiate different colors at different times, depending on what we are thinking, saying, doing and feeling.

Why Is Working With the Chakras Important?

Working on your chakras isn't just for monks and yogis.

As we mentioned, they are focal points of power responsible for distributing Divine Light throughout all aspects of your consciousness.

If the light touches into the chakras first before it goes anywhere else, then you want your chakras to be strong, stable, clear, unblocked and rotating clockwise (if they are meant to rotate).

God, the Holy Ones, and the Divine Light can achieve a lot through us, but we are only as good as the instruments we give them to work with.

So we want those spiritual centers to be as strong and stable as possible because we are directly responsible for the state they are in.

As you work with Divine Light consciously in meditation, you will simultaneously strengthen your chakras. The stronger they are, the more light you can receive and channel into your aura, body, life activities, and your mind.

The Master Chakras You Should Work With Daily

For the Higher Self Meditation technique, we will be working with on this site, which is from the Kingdom of Light mystical tradition (and which I will detail how-to in future posts, along with a few guided meditation videos) we will work with only four key spiritual centers within the physical body.

These are the “master set” of chakras in a sense because these are the ones the Divine Light usually enters into first before any others.

The Four Master Chakras or Spiritual Centers Are:

  1. Mental Center (esoterically known as the Trinity Chalice)
    1. Located in the middle of the head.
    2. This is different from the third eye point, “just as the brain and eyes are not the same organ” as Barbara writes in The Healing Power of Your Aura. This is “the nucleus of the conscious thinking self…the highest center in the body…the link of mind, body and soul with spirit…the director of our human levels of consciousness.”
    3. It is the Kingdom Within.
    4. Appearing as a golden sphere of light with a lighter gold triangle within. It spins very fast and radiates an energy corresponding to the quality of the thoughts we are thinking.
  2. Throat Center (esoterically known as the Eternal Ego)
    1. Located in the middle of your throat.
    2. It is where we express the power of our word. Our words “start an activation that will move into manifestation” so it is important to be careful with the words we speak.
    3. We really do create with our words!
    4. This is also a golden sphere with a blue diamond nucleus.
  3. Heart Center (esoterically known as the Hermetic Center)
    1. The largest center in the body, it is located in the middle of our chest.
    2. “It is the nucleus of our earthly affairs…everything that is going on in our outer world makes an energetic connection with this center.”
    3. This is the seat of our soul “which means our soul is making its connection here, where we register all of our life experiences so we can learn and grow.”
    4. It has an emerald green nucleus surrounded by 12 rays of light that resemble the spokes on a wheel.
  4. Emotional Center (esoterically known as the Spiritual Heart Center)
    1. Located near the navel in the solar plexus.
    2. “This is the center of our emotional nature [and] everything that we feel radiates energy from this part of our aura.”
    3. This center’s primary job is to give life to our thoughts.
    4. It is a golden sphere with a pink nucleus for love.

These centers are chiefly responsible for the distribution of the spiritual energy we receive.

For certain situations, you will want to work with some other centers or with other parts of your astral and spiritual makeup.

Still, in my first year or so, I achieved some pretty wonderful results just working with these four centers and nothing else. I know you will, too.

The Most Complete Handbook on the Various Chakras

When the mystical clairvoyant affectionately known as the “Mozart of Metaphysics” published her book on spiritual healing that so clearly laid out the details of the many layers of the aura and their corresponding chakras, it was considered a breakthrough work. Some big names in energy healing and metaphysics wrote to thank her for making sense of it all.

A part of an illustration of the enlightened aura from one of Barbara Martin's other books.

There is still nothing like it on the market. If you would like to read up on this topic for yourself, I highly recommend The Healing Power of Your Aura by Barbara Y Martin.

Work with a Great Teacher – Because You Won’t Find Everything In Any Book

I must say that while this book is the most complete and clearly written work on the subject, there are still more spiritual centers that Barbara simply cannot write about in books meant for the general public. At least, not at this time.

But some of you reading this may be ready for that knowledge now.

That is why I encourage you to consider signing up for classes taught by Barbara at the Spiritual Arts Institute if you are feeling a strong call to the metaphysical spiritual path.

As a student of eight years now myself, all I can say is that joining the classes has been one of the best and most impactful decisions of my life. I wouldn’t trade what I have learned and achieved through these classes for anything.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or comments, please scroll down and leave them below and I will be happy to help you out.

In Light & Love,



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