Understanding Different Types of Spiritual Energy – Spiritual Meaning of Purple Divine Light in the Aura + Five Ways to Work with It

By Desa | Aura Colors and Divine Light Rays

There are so many different spiritual energies that can be found in every single person’s aura– way more than a rainbow! You may want to know a little bit more about why each of these spiritual energies is special, and important to work with. In other words, what are the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and other wonderful benefits to you of working with divine light (aka spiritual energies)?

To help you in understanding the different types of spiritual energy, we are starting this series of articles all about some of the major divine light rays. In this post, we will start with the spiritual meaning of purple divine light in the aura – where and why it often shows up in the aura, the many benefits of this beautiful energy, and five ways to work with it.

I've also included a handy info-graphic at the end of this post you can download for free and share with others in need. As you'll discover below, this is one energy you will find many of your loved ones and associates in urgent need of from time to time.

This is a long one, so grab yourself a drink and kick up your feet. If you need to pin this baby for later, I recommend doing that now!

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Meaning of Purple Divine Light in the Aura



The great, mystical purple divine light ray is the spiritual energy of deep peace. That seems straightforward enough, but the purple light can manifest itself in a person’s aura for many important but different reasons, not simply that they are a peace-loving person!

Often, a person with a pronounced purple in their aura is “deeply religious but in a mystical way.” And at the same time, the purple light in the aura shows a person’s ability to calmly handle practical and earthly matters.


When seen as wavy bands of light under a person’s feet in the aura, this shows that particular soul has overcome many obstacles in their life. If they are currently dealing with something very challenging and are handling it well, there might be a sphere of gold light that appears just above these purple bands, showing that person is a real overcomer.

During quieter, less challenging times or when a person isn’t handling their challenges well, there may be no purple light under the feet at all.



There are also a few different variations of purple spiritual energies such as the orchid purple which shows humility, violet which shows a gentleness and kindness, and purple-indigo for a soul seeking spiritual power.

The purple-indigo may be especially pronounced in such a soul, appearing in beautiful bands above the head as a part of the aura known as the spiritual division.

There are even more purple energies to work with, but at this time they are not meant to be shared with the general public, only with students of some of the modern-day mystery school traditions of the world, such as the one I am a part of myself. If that ever changes, I will certainly share them here with you!



However, I think this is a good time to point out a rather important key to the presence of certain energies in our aura:

The fact that a certain spiritual energy may be present in our aura is not an indication of what is happening to us in life, but always how we are responding to what happens to us.

Barbara Y. Martin & Dimitri Moraitis
Change Your Aura, Change Your Life

Keep that in mind! I hope it helps you to feel more empowered, motivated, and excited as you learn more about the incredible power of the divine light.

One of the Hallmarks of an Advanced Soul

The soul who shows a lot of purple light in their aura is a very advanced, developed soul. This is because in order to truly be at peace we must first know that God is.

As Barbara Martin puts it in Change Your Aura, Change Your Life:

This is the energy to call upon to bring you into the divine stillness, the spiritual silence. When you’re at peace with yourself, there is no conflict. There’s a relaxation in divine knowing. You can only be truly at spiritual peace when you are in that divine knowing. A person with a lot of purple in his or her aura is very advanced indeed because that person has truly let go and let God take over.

Barbara Y. Martin, Change Your Aura, Change Your Life pg 91

**Just from this alone, can you see just how very important it is to start working with this light ray?**

Benefits of Working with the Purple Ray of Peace

Life is so full of noise and distractions, more than ever before. Are you feeling stressed, agitated, anxious, restless, hyperactive, irritated or like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

The spiritual energy of the purple ray of peace is the ray to call on in such moments when you need that divine peace. It will help you get into the divine stillness, relax, let go, and place all your worries into God’s hands.



This ray is the one that will help you get into a calm state of mind and emotions. It’ll help you handle any tough situation better, with more poise; help you make better decisions with a cool head. And it is best for soothing the nerves.

If the heart is heavy or feeling overburdened, this is the ray to call on, too.



If you are depressed, maybe from stress overwhelming you, this energy will help you break away from that depression.

If you are grieving or in shock, this is the best energy to work with of all! It will help you feel at peace, take you out of shock, calm you and help you avoid doing anything rash in those moments.

When you hold on to any of these types of destructive mental and emotional energies, you leave little room for God to enter your life. When grief, stress, worries, or anxieties are allowed to dominate, they will show up as ugly energies in the aura, and you won’t be able to function well in your life.

The purple ray will help you let it all go and smooth things out.



How to Work With the Purple Ray of Peace

There are a few ways you can start consciously working to bring the benefits of the divine consciousness of peace into your life.

Find a Good Spiritual Healer

The best way and as often as possible, from my own personal experience, is to seek the services of a genuine spiritual healer who is trained to work with this energy.


The caveat to that is that not all spiritual healers are genuine or of the same quality. The best approach is to start with one that seems to resonate with you and give them at least 3 sessions before you decide if they are effective.

Believe me, you will know!



Personally, my most amazing spiritual healing experiences have come from working with some of the certified Direct Divine Light healing practitioners of the metaphysical school I am a part of myself. These experiences are what made a believer out of me in spiritual healing, as before I was a total skeptic.

Meditate with Divine Light Using the Higher Self Meditation

Next, is to start meditating daily with divine light using the Higher Self Meditation. This practice is not like the eastern-styled meditations you may be familiar with; it is very powerful though because you begin to consciously participate in a natural spiritual process that is already happening, only on an unconscious level.

I have outlined all the steps in a series of blog posts on how to begin working with the Higher Self Meditation, and you can find those posts listed here for you.

Text the Romance Back!

If you try this meditation and are excited by what you experience from working with spiritual energy this way in these prayerful meditations, then I strongly recommend learning more from the book these teachings I have shared here are laid out in with the most incredible insight, clarity, and specific detail.

This book is Change Your Aura, Change Your Life.


Meditate with Divine Light Using a Free Guided Meditation I Created

Third, I have already created a free guided meditation video with the purple ray of peace. It is full of beautiful, relaxing purple imagery! All you have to do is close your eyes, and visualize the light as I guide it through your spiritual centers, your body, and all aspects of your aura.

**Click here to go to the video meditation page.**

Wear More Purple When You Need the Benefits of this Divine Energy

Fourth, dress up in purple! Especially with hats or shirts — covering parts of the body where the four key master chakras are located.


The light will interact with the aura and spiritual centers, giving you just one more way to bring in the peace all day long.

Wearing purple helps bring more peace into the lives of others, too. It is interesting to watch how others respond to you when you wear this color!

On an unconscious level, we are all aware of these spiritual energies and we pick up on the consciousness contained in the light.

May sound crazy, but this has been recognized by many cultures and spiritual traditions, in different ways. It’s a simple spiritual experiment to try for yourself. Such a simple thing can be so powerful.



I have created a whole line of purple shirts, tanks, towels, stickers and even iPhone and Samsung phone cases that help you bring the purple light with you everywhere AND feature a powerful affirmation you can memorize and call upon whenever you need to feel the immediate support of the divine consciousness of peace.



Send the Divine Light to Others

Finally, you can send the light to others. You will discover the more you work with divine light, the more aware you become of how much others need the Divine Light.

While you can offer to teach others how to work with the Divine Light themselves in meditation as I have on this blog, most of the time it is best to simply pray for others to be blessed with the light.

There is an art to being a channel of light for others. That does require training beyond the level of this humble blog or even a book.

For example, I trained for four straight years! However, there is a fuller account of how to start building up that spiritual talent and power to work as a channel of light for others in the book I referenced above.

In future posts, I may outline that method, which is called absentee healing, here on my blog.

For now, you can keep it very simple and know the light will still go to them.

You can do this by asking God to send the Angels of Peace and the purple ray of divine peace to the person. The Holy Ones will take care of the rest!



I have personally been sending light to people in my life ever since I learned these methods. I am still awed and humbled by how others respond to it, especially co-workers or family who have zero belief in anything metaphysical or religious, and have no idea what I am up to.

It has been a joy to stand by and silently witness the lives of those around me be transformed into greater happiness, health, peace, and success than they would have imagined for themselves. To witness a few miracles.

Sending the light to others when you pray for them gives them a chance to receive added spiritual power. It takes prayer life to a whole new exciting level.

But again, this is something I don’t ask you to blindly accept. Try it for yourself.

Put it to the test like any good experimental hypothesis. Keep a little journal of who you prayed for the light to go to. Make note of any observations. Let me know what you discover!

Working with the Purple Ray of Divine Peace Infographic

Here is the promised handy guideline for the purple ray that I promised at the beginning of this post. You may download the PDF version or save and share the JPG version below.


Let There Be More Peace in Your Aura . . . and Your Life!

So we’ve covered what the Purple Ray of Peace is, where and why it is seen in the aura, the benefits of working with it directly, as well as how to work with it.

I hope this post has been helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please scroll down and leave them below, or feel free to send me a private email.

In light and love,


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  • AvatarDesa says:

    Hello, Henry!Yes, all colors are linked to specific forms of energy in every case, no exception. In fact, they are always linked to TWO forms of energy. What I am talking about in this article are the SPIRITUAL light energies (also known as Divine Light, spiritual energy, Divine Consciousness) versus the visible spectrum of the PHYSICAL light energies (known as the electromagnetic spectrum). While physical energy and spiritual energy do share some characteristics, they are two entirely different things.But yes, there is in fact, a purple physical energy and a purple spiritual energy. So also, yes, energy does indeed have colors. I can understand why this might confuse a little at first; I’ve heard people mix up the two whether they were approaching the subject of light energy from the scientific or spiritual perspective, some try to use these two forms of energy interchangeably. So I think I’ll write a new post for you on this important topic and send you a link to it!It won’t be too hard of a leap to understand if I can help you kind of recall the basic physics you would have no doubt taken in grade school; but if it has been a while and you’ve totally forgotten all that stuff, don’t feel bad! I majored in Geography & Geology, so I’ve spent a lot of time studying the physical sciences, which just means this is a topic that it is pretty well-grooved in my mind! Thanks for reading this article! So very sorry I didn’t provide clear enough info for you to fully understand, but I do appreciate you bringing the area of confusion to my attention so I can help make this post better for everyone! That is a real gift you’ve given me.Respectfully,Desa

  • AvatarHenry says:

    Hi! Reading your post I perceive that this topic is a real passion of yours. I have been reading about it and I believe it’s an interesting topic but also one that’s a bit hard to understand. Do you believe the color purple has something to do (or is linked to) a specific form of energy? Does energy have colors?

  • AvatarDesa says:

    Thank you, Paul! I think you were wise to take the time to dig further into this material through the book, and I have no doubts you were amazed. That is truly the most complete and comprehensible book on the aura ever written, hands down. It blew me away, too, and that’s why I had to study with Barbara…I had to know more!

    You nailed it when you said how it is great to learn from people with real firsthand experience because it saves you a lot of time. How true!

    That is just one of the most basic but still key reasons why everyone needs a spiritual teacher; many are even ready for a spiritual teacher for the path of ascension and enlightenment. I didn’t know that was what I was looking for (or even what that meant) until I found my teacher in Barbara, but she is that latter kind of spiritual teacher. The “Mozart of Metaphysics,” she is also quite possibly the best of these kinds of spiritual teachers on earth today (though she’d never, ever say that! but I will!).

    I know it is one of the greatest honors and privileges of my life to study under her, and I try not to take it for granted. Just like when you have any expert help you with something, what I have learned from her these last 9 years has accelerated my own growth by leaps and bounds–personally, professionally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally…by every measure.

    Like Barbara and her co-director Dimitri explained to us at the beginning of our spiritual training, with real spiritual growth, you won’t be the same person you were when you started the training. The people who know you best will start telling you how different you are (in a good way), and that’s how you know that you have truly been applying (not just picking up knowledge but really using it) the wisdom and teachings of whatever spiritual or religious practice you pursue.

    That has happened for me and I myself am still amazed at what has changed, yet burning still with excitement for how much more is yet to come, yet to learn!

    The simple truth is that spirituality and religion, when practiced wholeheartedly, actively and with true devotion, change you from the inside out because you grow in spiritual power through your practice of the spiritual principles. Religion and metaphysics were designed by God for that exact purpose. That growth can actually be seen in the aura first, but eventually, as the power builds and your character is transformed by that power, everyone else will begin to see it in your life as it is transformed, too!

    It is sad to me that Barbara and the spiritual education and training center she co-founded with Dimitri, Spiritual Arts Institute (SAI), aren’t on the radar like some of the big name “spiritual teachers” everyone has heard of.

    Then I discovered that generally–with a few small exceptions–none of the great awakened souls of the world are really strong in the public eye. The true, great, awakened mystics of our age work behind the scenes in every field of human endeavor, from business to politics, entertainment to education, finance to industry, religion to the sciences, and everything in between…quietly fulfilling their individual divine missions to help bring humanity one step closer to the New Day.

    Interestingly, some of them may not even be aware they are actually advanced souls because that might be too distracting for their divine mission and purpose, and the ones that are aware of their heavenly status most often would never tell anyone if others knowing that is not a part of their mission. I find that so comforting and exciting! No matter how crazy things may look in this world sometimes, rest assured, God, through His devoted servants is 100% in control.

    I’ve been told Barbara was meant to have no more than perhaps 1000 dedicated students she would work with directly, training some of us to become true spiritual teachers in our own right so that we could carry on the mission and start getting the Kingdom of Light mystical tradition teachings out into the world in a bigger way. So that’s been my primary purpose in hosting this site, just trying to do my small part to help others who are meant to be a part of this spiritual training have the same blessing of finding it that I did.

    After that, the next steps are up to each person to decide and also depend on what they were meant to achieve in this life–they may seize this spiritual opportunity fully and climb to the highest spiritual heights they are capable of, or get maybe some part of what they needed from these teachings and move on, or let the opportunity they were meant to take slip by because they were just too distracted by other things to prioritize their spiritual growth.

    Glad you got something from this post, and let me know if you have any other thoughts or questions. Hope to see you in class!


  • AvatarDesa says:

    You totally get it, Carol!!!And like you said, that person who has earned a lot of purple energy in their aura will most likely appear to have everything under control in their life, mainly because they have “let go and let God” be in control. He was already, anyway, we just make the journey so much more blissful and smooth for ourselves I think when we surrender to His will, His peace.Respectfully,Desa

  • AvatarDesa says:

    Ha ha, maybe you are in need of the Lemon Yellow Ray of Focus and Concentration then, which will be the subject of my next meditation video? LOL! I hear you. It is a lot to take in if you’ve never been exposed to the ideas of spiritual energies before, but that’s okay. The beginning is one of the most exciting parts of a journey!For the step-by-step getting started meditating with divine light page, go to:https://liveheallove.com/how-to-work-with-divine-light-in-the-auraHere is where I walk you through all the posts you need to get all the necessary background to start meditating with divine light, if that is what you’d like to do. You can also just start by wearing more purple, contemplating the color purple with your eyes closed in visualization, and best of all go find a good spiritual healer!Is the purple light a gift? Yes, every time we receive any of the divine light (and we receive many different rays all the time) it is a blessing, a gift directly from God. Life itself is a gift from God, and the light is also what sustains our very life this minute! If the light was withdrawn from us for even a second, we would cease to exist. So it is very, very important and it is a gift.Are we born or meant to see the divine light? We have three sets of senses: the physical which are for interacting in the physical dimensions of creation; the astral or psychic which are for interacting with the astral planes of creation; and the mystical senses which are for interacting with the realms of creation we know as the heavenly realms. Yes, someday, in this life or a future incarnation, when we have earned the right to awaken our mystical senses while still in a physical body, we will be privileged to actually see these divine energies which are all around us. Sometimes, we may also be given brief experiences with aspects of the heaven worlds like the divine light as a gift, to encourage us to keep moving along on the spiritual path even before we have awakened those mystical senses fully.In the meanwhile, are we meant to use the divine light even when we cannot see it? Yes! With your every good word, thought act and deed, you are attracting divine light to you and building up your spiritual power. But more exciting is that we have a tool to consciously build up those spiritual energies! If you meditate with Divine Light, asking to receive it directly, you are then meant to apply the light you have received as a temporary blessing, thereby making it a permanent part of your auric power. And this is how the light builds, use it or lose it! The light you earn really is your passport to eternity, it is what gives you the power to accomplish the things in your life you want to do, and what determines which plane of existence you will find yourself on when you pass on to the other side at physical death. It is very important and I encourage anyone who feels curious or called to start working with Divine Light directly through a spiritual healer but especially through daily divine light meditations.Hope this helps!If you have any other questions please let me know, and may angels sing thee to thy rest tonight, dear Dorcas!Respectfully,Desa

  • AvatarDesa says:

    Thank you for your compliments. Sounds like you are well on your way spiritually, Josie! Yes, this is about healing with divine light aka spiritual energy, not so much color itself doing any healing. No doubt as an experienced healer and healing recipient, you’ve heard the idea that “everything is energy” or “everything vibrates” and that is true. This is a deeper understanding that I am trying to help get out there for others to know what is really going on there–what is that energy, what is vibrating exactly. The sea of energy we are immersed in is actually a sea of consciousness. It is divine consciousness contained in the light that brings in the healing qualities of that light, and the consciousness is also what gives the light its hue. In the case of purple, there is present the consciousness of divine peace. So when you are working with or let’s say wearing anything that is purple in color, yes there are the physical properties of light we are all aware of that help us see things with our physical eyes as purple, but there is also a divine consciousness, a spiritual energy we cannot see but we can experience and connect with its effects when we are looking at something or wearing something purple. However, we can experience the uplifting and empowering effects of this particular divine consciousness most strongly by working DIRECTLY with that purple divine light of peace. And the two ways to consciously receive it directly are in a divine light meditation like the Higher Self Meditation or spiritual healing. These are the two methods to work with the purple ray that I most encourage people to try and do.Let me know if you have any questions or more insights to share!Respectfully,Desa

  • AvatarDesa says:

    You are so very welcome, Sarah. Glad that you found something you could use from it, and I was so delighted to see the Hawaiian language, too! Aloha, Desa

  • AvatarPaul says:

    Hi Desa,Wow, loads of valuable information.To be honest, before reading your article, I had very little knowledge of the spiritual meaning of purple. However, after reading your article, I got great insights. Thanks a lot!Spiritual Arts Institute sounds interesting to me and it’s on my list. This article made me think more about the subject, and when I read “Change Your Aura, Change Your Life” I was amazed. It is always great to learn from the experts, people with real firsthand experience. Looking at the experience of Barbara and Dimitri, I believe we can save ourselves a lot of time by learning and modeling them.The benefits of the Purple Ray of Peace are amazing. Divine peace is a must for everyone and only it can bring true peace within us.I am determined to improve my prayer life and love to bring positive changes in many lives. I believe one read is not enough to grab all the valuable information you shared on this article so I am bookmarking it for future reference.

  • AvatarCarol5162 says:

    These are really interesting facts about spiritual energies. Purple, for a start, is my favorite color. I find it very intriguing that a person with purple energies in their aura has all these capabilities. Sounds like a person that has everything under control. I think if we just take time to reflect on ourselves and summon the inner peace within ourselves, we might find that peace. Knowing that God is the only one in control, we will find our purple light. This is a very eye-opening article on the power of the light.

  • AvatarDorcasW says:

    Hello! Interesting story. In all my life I have not heard about the Purple Light of Peace! It feels like I have stepped into a new era of learning. However, my brain cannot accommodate all the information given about the purple light right now. Maybe because I am sort of tired at present. I would ask, is the purple light a gift, or something that one was born to see or to use?DorcasW

  • AvatarJosie says:

    What a beautiful article, and website! I have been on a spiritual journey for quite some time, and have used some incredible spiritual healers, and learned different energy healing styles myself; however, I must admit I am somewhat new to the idea of color healing, aside from absolute basics. I found this post to be very helpful. Thanks very much!

  • AvatarSarah says:

    Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank You Very Much) for sharing this article! I am so interested in the different types of energies found in auras and your words are very thorough, descriptive, and informational. I loved this, “The fact that a certain spiritual energy may be present in our aura is not an indication of what is happening to us in life, but always how we are responding to what happens to us.” Also, I am excited to use your guided meditation. Thanks again for sharing. I’ll definitely be looking for more of your beautiful posts! 🙂 Aloha, Sarah

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