Prayer for a Healing – Is it Spiritual or Smart to Rely on Prayer or Holistic Medicine Alone…What About Doctors?

By Desa | Health

It is unfortunate that we find ourselves in a time where thinking is so sharply polarized when it comes to the question of how an “intelligent” or “spiritual” person should go about seeking healing for illness. Is prayer for a healing, or alternative holistic treatments we can administer ourselves enough?

Does prayer and “spiritual healing” even work? What about doctors? Aren’t doctors the true healing experts? Or are doctors unnecessary and just selling disease?

This is a long-ish article, so grab yourself a healthy drink and kick up your feet.

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Prayer for A Healing - What about Doctors?

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Intellect-Worshippers vs. the Spiritually-Minded

Some are all for depending on doctors only, seeing time-honored alternative medicine and spiritual healing as pure, unadulterated quackery and bait for the dim-witted or gullible.

Should you trust a doctor?

Then there are the spiritually-minded perspectives on healing that sometimes can justify such prejudices. You see this–unfortunately–a lot in the metaphysical arena just as much as among the religious.

There are many that see doctors and conventional medical treatments as the ultimate evil; they’ve declared war on modern medicine. Such people are hellbent (oh-the-irony) on self-medicating through “natural,” alternative, holistic and prayer-only methods no matter what, with often tragic consequences. 

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Sadly, both sides are missing out on some of their best opportunities for achieving the return to perfect health they so urgently desire.

This one-sided way of thinking is completely out of balance, and in my opinion, an insult to the God-given intelligence we all possess but forget to use.

There is Only One Healer

In truth, all genuine healing methods are supported by the divine as God is the only healer and therefore the real power–the ultimate Source–behind any healing we receive, no matter the provider or method.

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This means God works through spiritual healers of all kinds of course; but he also works through your conventional medical doctors, naturopath, psychotherapist–your dentist and your acupuncturist, too.

Whether your doctor, healer, prayer group, or herbalist are conscious of this fact or not, doesn’t matter.

Nothing draws someone closer to the divine than healing and anyone engaged in true healing service is being actively guided by a higher power.

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A Little Angel Story

I love how Barbara describes seeing an Angel of Healing working with a surgeon once.

God and His Angels are intimately involved in healing.

The doctor was performing a hysterectomy on a friend of hers, and it was his first time doing this procedure. But the angel was there with the doctor, and it was strongly guiding him.

“Now, cut right here…No! No! Not there!”


Let’s just say, God and his angels are intimately involved in matters of our health and healing.

Miracles Can Happen From Prayer Alone, But . . .

Prayer really works, but your actions prove your faith.

If you simply pray for healing, I do believe a sudden and inexplicable miracle can happen.

Yes! Certainly.

God is unlimited.


Please consider the more everyday scenario that your very ordinary “miracle” answer may be a brilliant spinal surgeon.

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This walking, talking human miracle who, heaven-only-knows-why, voluntarily slaved away for perhaps a decade (or more) studying and learning these God-inspired methods…

just so he could be the instrument through which God heals your spinal injury.

This perspective is a true affirmation of our faith, not to mention more respectful of our God-given intellect.

If You Are Sick, Seek Out Every Avenue of Healing

Too many spiritual people poo-poo the intellect, but a strong and clear mind and keen intellect are hallmarks of an evolving soul.

God gave you your intelligence and He gave you doctors and all the medical advances, including things like vaccinations.


God works through your doctor.

During our life here on earth, we live in a physical universe and so we are going to be subject to the effects of physical life. One of those effects can be illness, but we are so fortunate today to have the means and options to combat illness from every level.

So use them!

When we pursue all possible avenues of healing in times of sickness, we truly acknowledge the Oneness of God, and God as the source of all healing, all great inventions, and all great inspirations.

Including an inspiration to complete medical school!

If God did not give you that inspiration, then you are not a doctor.

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I know it’s hard (it’s so hard for me too!), but wisdom is knowing that perhaps, in some things, you know really nothing at all.

Seek a doctor’s opinion when you are ill or in mental/emotional distress. Meditate and pray about the advice they give you. Then, try to do what they tell you as you feel guided to.

By honoring the doctor, you honor God who works through them, and show your gratitude for the body He has given you to care for.

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But Take Your Brain With You

That’s not to say there aren’t real abuses, mistakes, and pitfalls on all sides to watch out for.

We all have free will, and sometimes even those who are supposed to be working to help us don’t listen to that “still small voice” that speaks to us all, but we can choose to ignore.

That’s how we end up with the most upside-down situation these days of doctors with a calling to heal leading a life that only destroys; or drug companies who make life-saving vaccines POSSIBLY harming others selling us all far more than we really need.

That is why we must emphasize the need to cultivate discernment and our intuition even in seeking healing, whatever the source.

The point is this: these three main avenues (medical, spiritual healing, natural/alternative) are meant to work together–synergistically–to help bring about healing.

The Kingdom of Light metaphysical tradition teaches that illness is really a call to God.

Perfect health is our divine birthright and therefore our most natural state. When we have fallen ill, somehow we have fallen out of alignment with divine law. We have broken some spiritual or physical law and are experiencing the effects.

To bring mind, body, and soul back into alignment, we pursue the various practices to address every level.

Example: My Recent Wisdom Teeth Experience

I just had my wisdom teeth–all four–removed last month.

Because I needed a lot of bone removed on one side of my jaw where a tooth had come in sideways, and I also WOKE UP up and MOVED in the middle the surgery, causing the dentist to slice the inside of my cheek (all that light work no doubt makes it harder for me to stay unconscious and impossible to hypnotize), I was in A LOT of pain.

It was unbelievable, my face swelling on one side, and I was out of work for three days. Worst physical pain of my life.

So what did I do? I pursued every avenue of healing.

I filled a prescription for Tylenol 4, alternating with ibuprofen at the minimum doses (hey, no need to overmedicate).

I rinsed with hydrogen peroxide, tea tree & frankincense oil and water. I applied arnica gel to the swollen side of my face and took the arnica homeopathic pellets. I couldn’t use salts or broths with the gash in my mouth, but had I not I was supposed to rinse with salt water and drink salty broths.

That’s how I had the conventional and alternative medicinal approaches rocking for me.

Then, I brought in the spiritual.

In my meditations, I asked for certain energies specifically for healing and rebuilding the atomic structures–like the sapphire blue ray and the pure white light–directing the energies with my hands as I would in conducting direct healings on others. Before bed, I prayed to be taken to the Temples of Healing on the inner planes.

When I went back for my one-week followup, the dentists were pretty amazed that my holes were already closed up for three of my teeth and nearly closed for the sideways one. The swelling was almost gone. I had no food trapped anywhere, and the gash on my inner cheek was closing up. No signs of irritation.

I know that everything worked synergistically as it should, and God had healed me swiftly as I honored every approach within my means.

But I believe the spiritual healing aspect can be the real clincher! So definitely stay open to always incorporating the spiritual through prayer, divine light work, healers or however you best feel guided.

The Root of 50 to 75% of all Illness

In summary, when we are sick, we are meant to pursue all possible avenues of healing to bring ourselves back into alignment with divine law.

That means we see our medical doctor and visit our alternative medicine practitioner and even a psychotherapist, as we deem appropriate.

The root of 50 - 75% of your illnesses are your destructive thoughts & feelings.

Finally, since fully 50 to 75% of all illness has a spiritual root (meaning we CREATE it ourselves through wrong thinking & destructive emotions), it is honestly to our detriment and a big loss to neglect seeking out spiritual healing by meditating, praying, and enlisting the services of professional spiritual healers we feel ourselves drawn to.

If you don’t believe in God or the supernatural, that’s okay! You are no doubt where you need to be in your spiritual evolution.  But you can still ask friends who do believe to pray for you. Or just mention your distress to them because you know most of us will decide to pray for you even when you didn’t ask!

Mysteriously crazy amazing things have and do happen from others praying for us. The power of their faith and belief can be enough as God works through them to reach you.

Others praying for you costs you nothing, demonstrates your superior respect and tolerance of others, helps you to keep your own mind sharp and heart open, and certainly won’t hurt…and it helps the people praying for you grow and heal, too.

Thank you for reading this. Please scroll on down and leave your comments or questions below and I will be happy to help you out.

In Light & Love,


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  • AvatarDesa says:

    Thank you, Snigdha for your wisdom and your light! I am so glad you enjoyed this post. Haven’t written any other posts yet on the topic of healing and health, but what I shared here is just a tiny fraction of the spiritual healing wisdom we learn at the Spiritual Arts Institute. You can study more of this also on your own if you like from the book The Healing Power of Your Aura.

    And I boldly agree with your statement on the effects of spiritual healing for cancer patients. We had one student performing the Direct Divine Light Healing practice we learn at SAI in a hospital in Israel. At first, the doctors were so skeptical. Then, they started seeing such beautiful results in the patients who volunteered to receive the spiritual healing that they became big supporters of it themselves!

    Thanks again for taking the time to comment!


  • AvatarDesa says:

    Ah, Whunni, you are a refreshingly wise and even-minded person! Thank you for your excellent comment.

    You are 100% correct on your thoughts about taking good care of our body temple in the first place. An ounce of prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure. 

    That is just another reason why I enjoy meditating with Divine Light as it is a part of heading off those illnesses before they have a chance to manifest in the physical body. It is a process described as the Sin-Sickness-Death pattern and it is discussed at length in The Healing Power of Your Aura. 

    Doing as you prescribe combined with light work like this and the cultivation of a beautifully self-controlled mind and emotional nature and illness will rarely visit you, if at all. However, if illness does strike, pursue every avenue of healing!



  • AvatarDesa says:

    That is why I also emphasized discernment as there are certain wrongs being committed by practitioners through all avenues of healing.

     If we really want to strike a balance in turning to all three forms of healing, we are going to have to be discerning. In all things, blind acceptance is not a smart thing.

    Those who are relying too much on medication, and are overmedicated as you say, are probably not pursuing all three forms of healing, and not being discerning. Those who avoid doctors at all costs because they think all they are is pill-pushers, are also buying into just as much hype and brainwashing, they are not pursuing all three forms of healing, and are failing to be discerning.

    It is so amusing how it is always very easy to see which part of the healing approach most people subscribe to. We are all a little blind to our own prejudices!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post and comment!



  • AvatarDesa says:

    Stepho, you GOT it! Bravo! Thank you!

    I am very, very sorry to hear about what happened to your friends. Maybe it was just their time, too.

    I just think it is a half-blind approach to not remember the basic spiritual teaching that God works through all things and all things serve His will. Even, and especially doctors. Our modern medical doctors can trace their roots back to the ancient mystery schools of Europe and Africa after all!

    That is exactly why I wrote this post because you will see this attitude a lot with all levels of spiritual devotees, religious and metaphysical. I know it is a sensitive subject, but it needs to be talked about in order to save lives.

    Plus, I am very tired of religious and metaphysical souls being seen as stupid, who are certainly not stupid, just because they rely too much on one form of healing as “superior” to all others. 

    There are a lot of metaphysical truths and topics I will be sharing on this site like this one that are not at all common knowledge or part of mainstream spiritual thought. But they must be put out there as they will help a lot of people.

    These teachings I am sharing are part of the Kingdom of Light Teachings, a metaphysical tradition tied to the Judeo-Christian mystical heritage, as taught by Barbara Martin & Dimitri Moraitis of the Spiritual Arts Institute.

    Thank you for your light and wisdom, Stepho!



  • AvatarDesa says:

    What I was trying to emphasize in my post is that we shouldn’t just try to rely on prayer and home remedies, but need to remember that God works through doctors, too. Even with medications. Too many spiritual people poo-poo all over doctors and this has got to stop. It is simply not intelligent.

    Either extreme is a prescription for disaster!

    Instead, we need to pursue all three at the same time! Sometimes, if we rely overly too much on prayer and home remedies first, we only manage to make our problems worse by not seeing a doctor sooner.

    For the people coming from the other side of the aisle, all doctors and no spiritual/natural remedies, my point was the same for them. All three at once, they work together synergistically to cover all the bases…and this will include helping them get to the spiritual root of any illness.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment! If you have any other questions or ideas please let me know!



  • AvatarSnigdha Alam says:

    Hello Desa,Thanks a lot for your important post. I trust in healing power. I believe and agree with you that 50 to 75% of all illness we create by ourselves through wrong thinking & destructive emotions. I always do meditation. It helps to remove my depression and gives the gift of a fresh mind as well as a healthy life. I boldly say that healing power can increase a cancer patient’s lifetime. Have you written about healing treatment before writing this article? If yes, please share with me. I will feel happy to read it.☺️Thanks again dear 😁 

  • Avatarwhunni says:

    Hello Desa – and thank you for your post.  

    I agree that when it comes to healing, we should use all the resources that we have available.  Depending on the severity, of course we should consult with a professional in the field of healing, a doctor.  But as you mention, no matter if you are religious or not, it cannot hurt to use resources from the spiritual side also (meditating, praying, asking friends to pray for you).  

    I also think that we need to make a conscientious effort to take care of ourselves.  You often hear “your body is a temple”… but how true this is.  We only have one, and it cannot be replaced…so we need to take care of it.  This can comprise many things:  eating healthy, exercising, taking time to enjoy the important things in life, showing love for others, etc… If we can get in front of potential illnesses, it makes everything so much easier… 

    All the best to you.  

  • AvatarTaetske says:

    Good Morning Desa,

    I agree with you. Modern medicine should not be discarded. Having said that, I believe we are over medicated. For every little thing, people rush to the doctor and get a pill. This does not address the root cause of the problem. 

    Modern life has come with so many harmful things to our health. We are brainwashed by glossy commercials which tell us man-made foods are healthy. We have been given a miraculous body with the capacity to heal itself but a  car will not run for long on bad petrol either.

    Prayer and natural methods are good as long one is able to find the right balance. 

    Regards, Taetske

  • AvatarStepho says:

    Excellent article you have written up here and I honestly enjoyed reading it. The issue of making use of a spiritual approach mainly for physical distress, pains or injuries is a little bit sensitive depending on everybody’s view. However, I know of two friends who had lost their lives as a result of taking a sole spiritual approach towards their health and they both died of cancer. God is nature and He is forever present in everything made available. I believe that everything is made possible by His powers and as such, most knowledge, medicines and all are his doings. So, making use of them is for our benefit and I see no wrong in seeking professionals out when it comes to our health rather than sticking solely to our spirituality.


  • AvatarMichel says:

    Interesting post and it is quite correct to say that most illness is caused by the thought processes and spirituality. We are all very quick to run to the doctor without even trying more natural alternatives first or even praying for help.

    Nothing wrong with doctors, but one needs to explore all the avenues, especially if it is a recurring illness. The solution could be trying to find the root of the illness rather than masking it with more prescription meds.

  • >