Goals: What Would a Mermaid Do? – The Power of Persistence of Vision 

By  Desa

Funny my first video turned out to have a mermaid theme, not the meditation theme I was working on at all! But part of the metaphysical spiritual path is learning to trust and follow and–above all–ACT on your inspirations. You won’t know if an idea you have is divinely inspired or just a random confluence of your own thinking until you put that idea into action. Then, you can judge it by its fruits.

So here it is! A mermaid video about pursuing your goals with the power of persistence of vision. As I have been putting together my first guided meditation video (on working with the purple ray of peace to relieve stress and anxiety), the process has shown me just how much work and effort it can require to make a video I’d want to watch.

That’s the standard I apply.

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Standards of Work

As with my photography, floral arrangements, and even my scribblings as a writer, I stand back from my work and ask myself: do I find it beautiful or helpful to watch, look at or read? Would I want to receive this as a gift?

Click here and find your favorite fins and be a mermaid!

If I don’t love it, then it isn’t good enough yet to foist on others. And it’s certainly not good enough to ask others to pay for it!

Oh…that and does the hubby like it?

If my work can capture that workaholic’s approval or interest long enough to tear him away from his own passionate pursuits for a minute, then I know I’m on track.

Pour Your Heart Into It

The thing is until you put yourself into anything you create, it will only ever be just ok.

Your work may be technically correct. Your skill for some technique flawlessly executed. Yet, if you put no heart in it then your work may leave your audience feeling cold. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but all of us beholders see things with more than physical eyes, whether we are consciously aware of that or not.

Love is the secret ingredient that elevates our work to an art, while apathy will render all our skill sterile.

The Divine Attribute of Vision

In the end, it seemed sort of fitting that my first video would be on the topic of goals, vision and persistence. My own message here in this video will serve me well to remember as I build toward the vision I hold for my life’s work.

Vision. Vision. That is a spiritual key I found impossible to grasp until the last year or so.

I was startled to learn that it is a divine attribute of God. Think about it though. He holds the vision of creation in His mind, and it is His powerful attribute of will that sustains that vision.

If God were to behave in the manner I and many others I’m sure are guilty of when it comes to holding a vision for our goals and life, the universe wouldn’t have lasted more than a week! But the minutest details of seemingly infinite subatomic particles in this vast universe of ours endure because God can hold it all in His infinite mind for as long as He desires to. That is the power of God’s vision and will. And it is done out of love.

Building Our Power of Vision

Obviously, I don’t expect myself to approach that level of sustained vision any time soon!

However, if vision is a divine attribute, and you and I are made in the likeness and image of God, that gives me hope that we are built and designed to learn to sustain a pretty darn strong level of vision, persistence, and will. Right?

We start building that power by seeing our way through to finish the things we start. By capturing those little ideas and inspirations as they flow to us, and making them happen.

You just keep swimming.

Eventually, if you put in some work on a dream or goal today, then tomorrow, then the next, and so on every day you will string together all the pieces you need to make your goal a reality. You have the power within you to do what you dream.

After all, Who do we think gave us our vision in the first place? If our vision is truly divinely inspired, then that means we will be supplied with all we need to accomplish it. God doesn’t hand out ideas idly!

If He has sent us an idea, He intends to see that idea brought to life. But since there is no copyright in Heaven, know that if we don’t act on that inspiration, He will give it to someone else.

Where Do We Begin?

Start with that vision you were inspired with, then give that vision all the time it needs. Don’t condition it. Just create for the joy of creating and leave the results up to the divine.

Most of all, put in the work of today, every day. That whole journey of a thousand miles thing, ya know? Inch by inch it’s a cinch, and little by little becomes a lot!

Thanks for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it and/or the mermaid video. Please scroll down and leave your questions or comments below and I will be happy to help you out.

In Light & Love,


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