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Feel like you're right there in the classroom.Have you have grown tired of studying metaphysical books all alone in your room? When I did, I decided that I wanted to find the best sort of teachers to help guide me and make sense of all my studies, but I couldn’t afford to travel the world or pay outrageous tuition fees. Surely, there had to be a more modern, convenient, and still affordable way to allow me to stay right here in Dallas and still get authentic metaphysical courses online?

There is! For those looking for state-of-the-art quality, live, genuine metaphysics classes online, my recommendation is to go over and take a look at the offerings from the Spiritual Arts Institute (SAI). They are a non-profit spiritual education community whose mission is “to offer clear, practical and high-quality spiritual education designed to assist the soul in its spiritual evolution.”

Prepare to get really excited by what you find there…and may I have the honor of being the first to welcome you as a student!

In this post. I will run down the type of courses offered at the Spiritual Arts Institute. There are three different levels of training that are taken in sequence, with additional optional workshops and special events that are offered to everyone. The training is also designed with two longer-term purposes in mind, depending on what your own personal goals are.

Online and In-Person Workshops

These can sometimes be my absolute favorite class offerings because they tend to be super-targeted on topics we all want to know more about but are scared to ask!

They are usually a one-time, 2-hour long event at around 630pm CST.

All classes are hosted online where you can join in using the BlueJeans app on your phone, tablet or computer. Simultaneously, every class and event is broadcast from the Spiritual Arts Institute center in Encinitas, California where you may choose to attend in person if you wish.

Some of the topics covered in past workshops have been:

  • Sex and Your Spiritual Ascent
  • Angels of Prosperity
  • The Destiny of America
  • Animals of Love
  • Exploring the Ancient Egyptians
  • The Metaphysical Bible
  • Numerology
  • Creative Inspiration
  • The Aura and Love, Romance, Soul Mates

The workshops are a great way for you to get a sample of what studying at the Spiritual Arts Institute will be like.

In the workshops, you will get to:

  • Experience the state-of-the-art video-conferencing software that makes you feel like you are right there in the classroom.
  • See and hear everyone else, and they can see and hear you!
  • Meet the teachers, founders, and spiritual directors of the Spiritual Arts Institute–Barbara Y Martin and Dimitri Moraitis
  • Practice the Higher Self Meditation technique we use as the cornerstone of our work, but as a guided meditation so you can get comfortable with working with the light
  • “Raise your hand” to ask a question
  • Receive spiritual blessings during class
  • Possibly be one of the lucky ones called on for a sample aura reading by Barbara, the “Mozart of Metaphysics”
  • Download notes, worksheets, and class recordings
  • Enjoy additional homework assignments to build on what you received in the workshop

Right now, there is a workshop coming up on September 22, 2018, at 1 pm CST. It is part of the Tapestry of Life Series, and the topic is Ideas into Action: Realizing the Divine Plan For You. It’s only $50 to register in advance and $60 on the day of.

As I mentioned, I do recommend seizing the chance to explore SAI through a workshop like this first. You’ll get a chance to get a sense if SAI is where you need to be studying, but with a minimal investment of time and money.

If you’d like more info or to sign up, just click here.

The Foundation Course: Change Your Aura, Change Your Life

This class will open so many doors in your spiritual unfoldment whether you are a total beginner or have been on the path for years.

Based on the best-selling book Change Your Aura, Change Your Life, its authors Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis will teach you how to begin to access your auric power to achieve real positive change in any area of your life.

After each class, you will receive further written notes, a complete audio recording, and additional homework assignments for the week. All this information is easily accessed from anywhere using the SAI Student Portal.

This class is the gateway course to all other training at the Institute and is a required prerequisite before you may pursue the Seven Spiritual Arts training program outlined below. This is a seven-week long class that meets live both online and in person, once a week for 1.5 hours. You may choose to enroll in either the weekday class on Wednesdays at 630pm PST or Saturdays at 230pm PST.

To learn more, you can watch the video below and check out the complete information page here.

The Seven Spiritual Arts Training Program

Following the Change Your Aura, Change Your Life Foundation Course, there are six exciting additional classes that more deeply explore some of the foundational themes touched on in the first class.

These classes also meet live online or in-person once a week for 1.5 hours, but for six weeks instead of seven. As with every class or workshop you take at SAI, you will receive additional notes, the class recording, and weekly homework assignments.

The six additional spiritual art classes are:

  • The Healing Power of Your Aura. How to strengthen your physical and spiritual well-being. This class builds on the book The Healing Power of Your Aura.
  • The Spiritual Keys of Living. Applying spiritual principles in all aspects of human activity: relationships, career, finances, health and more.
  • The Secret of Consciousness. Developing higher state of consciousness through the study of the relationship between mind, soul, and your spiritual identity.
  • Your Spiritual Ascent. This is the big picture of what metaphysics is all about! Learn your relationship to the Divine and your place in the grand scheme of life.

Direct Divine Light Healing Program

For those desiring to deepen their spiritual growth and help others to heal, Spiritual Arts Institute offers a two-year training and certification program.

Direct Divine Light Healing is a full-spectrum aura therapy for physical and spiritual healing that is one of the most effective and comprehensive healing modalities available.

In this second level of spiritual training at the Institute, you will be empowered to help heal others by starting to build your own direct connection to the Divine. Whether you desire to be a healer professionally or not, building the spiritual power to heal will help accelerate your own spiritual unfoldment and give you a beautiful new way to be of service to others.

To study the complete syllabus and learn more, click here.

The Kingdom of Light Teacher Program

For those seeking to continue life-long learning in the spiritual arts, this program offers advanced training in the inner mysteries that cannot be published in books meant for the wider public at this time.

There are five levels of certification, but each student advances at their own pace. The goal of the training is to help you reach your full spiritual potential in this life, whether you seek to teach metaphysics or not.

The Divine has also shared that there is presently more demand for genuine metaphysical teachers in the world today than there are qualified teachers to meet that demand. Many who are meant to be teachers had been drawn to this work over the years. So to meet that demand, and to help souls destined to teach reach their full potential, this third level of the program ultimately became a teacher training program instead of only a continuing fellowship as it had been originally.

Before enrolling in the Kingdom of Light Teacher Program, you will be offered clairvoyant insight into what your spiritual and teaching potential is in this life.

Two Paths, Two Purposes

As mentioned above, before you enroll in the third level of training for the Kingdom of Light Teacher Program, you will be offered clairvoyant insight into your spiritual evolutionary potential and your potential for teaching in this life.

However, before you get started with the Change Your Aura, Change Your Life Foundation Course, begin to ask yourself now what you feel your potential may be for this life.

Does teaching metaphysics to others call to you? Whether it does or not, you can still join in the third level of metaphysical instruction after completing the Seven Spiritual Arts and the Direct Divine Light Healing programs.

At this more advanced level, you will then focus on pursuing your studies in one of two directions.

  1. On the one path, you may wish to continue to enjoy this training as your regular spiritual fellowship and for deepening your understanding of the inner mysteries. You will still continue to grow and have access to much of the same teachings.
  2. If you think you desire to teach metaphysics professionally someday, you may choose the second path. You will, of course, have your regular spiritual fellowship with the other students as before, and you will get to delve into the inner mysteries that are not out there for you to explore in books. As a teacher trainee, you will continue to deepen your relationship with the Divine and be called to offer greater levels of service, study, and inner work.

The true metaphysical path is a most demanding but beautiful path and you will find that as you grow, you will become a greater and greater blessing to all around you. Why?

Because your spiritual growth is never only about YOU. It is about you reaching your potential to be of maximum service to others and fill your place in the divine plan. As you bless others, you are blessed in return multiplied.

Special Events: Group Healings, Retreat, and Celebrating the Holidays Metaphysically

In addition to all the classes and workshops, the Spiritual Arts Institute also hosts some wonderful special events throughout the year that all students are invited to join.

Group Healings. In person at the Spiritual Arts Center in Encinitas, CA but also at some satellite groups around the world such as in Japan and Dallas. Also, for students in the advanced courses of the Teacher Training program, there are weekly online healing prayers circles. Part of our service work to others.

Celebrate the Holidays Metaphysically. One of the things about studying at SAI is that the teachings bring things together in a way that you will see the traditional holidays of the world in a whole new light. You will come to understand how and why certain times of year are indeed especially blessed by the Divine for all people–no matter their religious or spiritual creed. 

SAI hosts beautiful services for Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

There is inner preparation work assigned to be completed before the celebration, and blessings and messages from the Divine during the events. These are some of my favorite experiences at SAI and are completely free.

Annual Spiritual Retreat. Once a year for three days, all students are invited to come together in person for an annual spiritual retreat in Joshua Tree, California.

There are daily workshops, lots of fun social activities to mingle with classmates, wholesome and delicious meals provided, and an initiation ceremony. It’s a lot of fun and an uplifting experience, even after attending for years. It just keeps getting better!

Plus, it is so wonderful to see the classmates you’ve got to know so well online in person for a change.

Attendance is not required, but I encourage everyone to try not to miss it. It is SO affordable!

For under $500, lodging, meals, and everything else is included. All you need to pay for is a rental car, though there is carpooling coordinated if you want to get around that way and save money. You will also need to purchase plane tickets.

Just In Case You’re Wondering What’s In It For Me…

It may interest you to know that I am not paid by SAI to write this post or to endorse them in any way, Nor do I get paid if you enroll in any of the classes or workshops offered there. Zippo. Zilch. Nada.

There are a few things I earn financial compensation from for this site, none of it from SAI. You can check out my Affiliate Disclosure policy on the menu for a complete and honest breakdown.

Long story short, NO, I am not promoting SAI with such obvious enthusiasm because I stand to profit financially! 

Sharing these teachings with others through this website is simply something I felt wholeheartedly compelled to do because I have benefited so much from these teachings. I know there are so many others looking for this that haven’t been lucky enough to find them yet and are just studying all alone the best they can. Maybe that’s you?

In building this site, I could at least share some of what I have learned at SAI to answer the questions my research shows me others are asking on metaphysics and everyday life.

SAI is a non-profit organization in the business of helping souls grow. While I am an online business professional with skills in keyword research, writing, SEO, and site design.  Having these skills, I have volunteered to put them in service to SAI by building this site to point others who are looking for SAI in the right direction.

Hope I Helped You Find Your Metaphysics Classes Online!

It is my hope that I have completely outlined for you in this post what I think is the best and most complete metaphysics training anywhere, and have shown you just how much the Spiritual Arts Institute has to offer. It’s quite a lot! And there is even more, but this post is already at full-on monster length, so I’ll let you discover all the rest for yourself as you dive in.

As I mentioned, we have a workshop coming up on September 22, 2018, at 1 pm PST if you wanna get a preview of what we have to offer. Head on over to the SAI site and read up on all the details.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will be happy to help you out, pronto!

See you in class!

In Light and Love,







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