How Do You See Colors vs. How You Can See Spiritual Energies – Is Spiritual Energy Physical or Electromagnetic?

By Desa | Aura Colors and Divine Light Rays

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I have heard some metaphysically-minded people refer to spiritual energy as electromagnetic energy. While there is a practice dating back to ancient times called chromotherapy that is all about the healing effects of physical light and colors on the human body, this is not the same energy most metaphysical discussions are referring to when talking about spiritual healing, divine light or spiritual energy.

I wanted to state right up front here that spiritual energy is not physical at all. Spiritual energy and electromagnetic energy are also not the same. To help any of my fellow metaphysicians who may not quite understand the difference, in this article I will briefly explain what is the electromagnetic spectrum of energy. Also, I will clarify how all of us are able to see physical color, versus how psychic and mystic clairvoyants are able to see spiritual energies. 

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What is Electromagnetic Energy?

Recall in school how you might have learned about energy called the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) or the spectrum of light energy? 

Do you remember the higher frequency, higher energy end of the spectrum started with gamma rays, then x rays, then ultra-violet and ended with infrared, microwave and finally radio waves at the lowest energy end of the spectrum?

As you can see in the illustration below, right in the middle of the spectrum is visible energy, the light we can perceive with our physical eyes.

Here, most illustrations of the EMS have this little rainbow starting with Indigo/Purple and ending in Red, and each of these colors has its own very specific frequency or rate of vibration.

This visible part of the spectrum of light energy (of which the main source is the sun for us) actually comes to us in the form of white light. That white light, however, is made up of every visible color, a fact we can test for ourselves by passing the light through a prism.

When we do this, the white light seperates out into the rainbow portrayed in our illustration.

Oh, yeah, it’s all coming back to you now, isn’t it?


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All the other forms of physical light energy referred to in the electromagnetic spectrum are invisible to the physical eye for us humans, but still detectable with the right scientific instruments.

How We See Physical Colors

In a nutshell…white light from the sun falls on a purple flower.

When we see that purple flower with our physical eyesight, it appears purple because all of the colors that make up the white light of the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum are being absorbed by the flower EXCEPT purple.



The purple portion of the visible spectrum of white light is bouncing off the flower and back into our eyes to be interpreted by our eyes and brain as the color purple.

This is what the physical body does for us automatically. It is designed to help us interact with the physical world, but NOT with the spiritual dimensions of life.

How You Connect to the Spiritual Dimensions of Life

You are not your physical body.

What you are is a soul.

You, as a soul, are encased in a physical form while you are here on earth enjoying (or just trying your best to slog your way through) a physical life experience. Without the physical body, your soul would have no instrument to interact with the physical world, and I guess that would pretty much make your time here rather fruitless and frustrating, wouldn’t it?

Still, earth is not your true home. It’s only a visit.

Your true home is on that “other side.” That other side for most of us is in the realms of life known as the astral planes. For many souls on earth today–and for every soul eventually–that other side home is not in the astral planes but in the heaven worlds.

So meanwhile, while you’re making one of your many pitstops here on earth, you (a soul) are encased in a physical body, but you are also encased in a form composed of astral material, and another composed of etheric material.

Some people have referred to these astral and etheric counterparts as bodies, but it is more helpful to describe them as templates. 

They look like an exact duplicate of your physical form, only bigger. From your soul at the core of it all, the order is physical, then etheric, then astral. It is only similar to, but not exactly like the illustration below.

For the most detailed and accurate illustrations of these templates, I recommend this book.


The astral and etheric templates serve many important purposes. They help keep you connected to the astral and heavenly dimensions of life while your soul is here on earth. They also very much support the physical body for its health and integrity.

There is so much more to share on this particular topic of the templates, but for this post what is most relevant is to know that these templates are what enable you to see spiritual energies while here in physical life!

How do they do that?

Your 18 Senses

Just as the physical body has five senses–sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing–as the actual mechanisms by which we do the interacting with our physical environments, we have the same five corresponding senses for the astral and etheric templates that help us interact with the astral and etheric dimensions of life.

So for the astral and etheric, there is also seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, and audial. 

How exciting to know that in addition to these five sensories, the etheric body may also access three additional mystical senses:

  • God Sensing (clairsentience)
  • God Feeling (what’s the French word for feeling, lol?)
  • and the most important of all the senses–God Knowing and the Knowing of How You Know (claircognizance)

How Clairvoyants See Spiritual Energies

You carry all of these spiritual senses, the astral and etheric, right now even in physical life, this very minute! They are all working and sending information to you.

Only…you may not be consciously aware of them.

This is because they are latent and not active.

When a psychic or mystic clairvoyant is “seeing” spiritual energy around a person, it is their astral (for psychics) or etheric (for mystics) sight senses that are actually perceiving that energy.


Every person on earth is receving information through these same astral and etheric senses just as a psychic or mystic does, the difference is only that with the psychic or mystical clairvoyant, they have developed the ability to make a conscious connection with their astral/etheric sight sense while in a physical body.

They are able to do this because they have either a) developed the skill to use their astral sight sense (as a psychic), or b) earned the right to awaken their etheric sight sense (as a mystic).


These senses, astral (for psychics) or etheric (for mystics)–which we are refering to collectively here in this post as your spiritual senses–are the mechanism that allows the nonphysical information coming to us from the astral and heavenly dimensions of life to be consciously picked up here in physical life.

So you see (pun intended), with clairvoyance, the spiritual sense mechanism overlays the physical sense mechanism so seamlessly that it appears as if their physical eyes are what can “see” the spiritual energies or Divine Light.

But they are not seeing spiritual energies with their physical eyes at all! It is their inner senses.

The physical cannot pierce the veil of the spiritual and it never will because it is not designed to. This unfortunate fact has lead many to conclude that the spiritual doesn’t exist. How mistaken they are!

If a person is willing to do the work and make the sacrifices necessary, they can develop the ability to interact with the spiritual and prove to themselves that, yes, there is much, much more to life than what our limited physical senses can inform us of.

And I’m not talking about developing your psychic abilities.

So where do you begin?

How to Start Making Use of Your Spiritual Senses Right Now

Even though you may not be able to see spiritual energies, as I said, all your spiritual senses are working right this very minute.

You are not consciously aware of the information from those senses, but you are still unconsciously picking up on and using some of that information.

The unconscious spiritual promptings of our etheric (mystical) senses we are all very familiar with…

We call them intuition!

Sadly, intuition is very misunderstood and even trivialized. Yet it is literally how the divine speaks to all of us, every single day of our lives, without exception. It is the still, small voice within. 

This reveals something very important for how we can first start going about awakening the much greater though harder won spiritual gifts of the mystic.



The very first and most important step you must take is…

…to start listening to and following your intuition!

That is the deceptively simple beginning to building the bridge that will carry you all the way to enlightenment.

Next, How Do You Fully Awaken Your 13 Additional Spiritual Senses Beyond the 5 Physical?

To recap, unless we are enduring a lifetime of physical blindness, all of us can see physical colors with our physical eyes, but very few of us can see spiritual colors or energies even though we are completely immersed in them just as we are immersed in physical life right now.

This is because spiritual energy is not at all physical energy.


They are part of completely different dimensions of life, and we have two additional sets of 5 astral senses and 8 etheric senses that allow us all to interact with the astral and heavenly dimensions of life.

You do have all these senses working right now–the physical, astral and etheric–but unless you have built a conscious connection to the spiritual senses like a clairvoyant has, you will not be able to see spiritual energies except in the rarest of circumstances.


Just because you may not be consciously aware yet of the information coming in from the spiritual senses…you are still unconsciously picking up on some of that information. The unconscious promptings of the etheric senses are what we refer to as intuition.

In the following post, we will discuss the significant differences between awakening the psychic (astral) senses vs. the mystical (etheric) senses and why it is better to pursue one over the other.

I hope you are excited to learn more about this topic because the psychic and mystical senses are as different from each other as are the physical from the spiritual!

Much more on that in our next post…

For now, if you have any questions or comments, please scroll on down and leave them below, or send me a private email and I will get back with you pronto!

In Light & Love,