How to Connect with Your Higher Self – Using the Higher Self Meditation 

By  Desa

Now that we have a more accurate picture of what the aura is and isn’t, and we’ve covered the vital importance of spiritual protection, cleared up the question on what is divine light, discovered our Higher Self Point of Spiritual Knowing, and looked at the master chakras to work with, its time for me to share here, at last, the exact steps on how to connect with your higher self daily.

To do this, we will outline the simple but powerful six-step technique to draw divine light from your spiritual reservoir and into your aura. This technique has been a part of the metaphysical tradition for centuries and is one of the greatest spiritual tools to help you work with your aura to build up spiritual power more quickly, consciously, and effectively. It has no formal name, but in the mystical training tradition I am a part of, it is called the Higher Self meditation, and for me personally and for thousands of others it has yielded some pretty astonishing results!

If you’d like to read the highly practical (and highly riveting!), complete book on this topic, I recommend this best-selling and award-winning book based on 50 years of metaphysical teaching.

This post is a long one, so grab yourself a drink and kick up your feet. If you need to pin this baby for later, I recommend doing that now!

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You Won’t Know Until You Put It to the Test

We are using a technique called the Higher Self Meditation as taught by Barbara Y. Martin of the Spiritual Arts Institute, which is based on a 4000-year-old Judeo-Christian mystical tradition known as the Kingdom of Light teachings.

This meditation technique is not like the more commonly known eastern-style lotus meditation you might be aware of, all about “quieting the mind” and “om-ing,” focusing on your breath, trying to think of nothing, etc, etc.

Personally, I never had much success keeping up a daily practice with those sort of techniques. However, we are all unique, all on different stages of our path, and what’s important is that we don’t give up on meditation altogether, but keep trying various techniques until we find the one that works best for us.

Press on I did, so eager to experience the myriad benefits of meditation we’ve all heard so much about. Finally, I got what I wanted from the Higher Self Meditation.

Put it to the test and judge for yourself.

Initially, I decided to give this technique a few weeks of focused, daily effort–not mixing it with other things. I hope you will, too. 

There is no other way to be sure if a technique is really working for you unless you isolate it like this, and practice it daily for several weeks. But work it most certainly will if you apply what you receive!

Ultimately, you be the judge.

You should always trust that inner knowing. If this technique does not feel right for you after a month, then move on. I would just encourage you not to give up on finding a meditation technique that works for you.

Meditation is just too important. I cannot emphasize it enough.

Six Steps of the Higher Self Meditation

The nerd in me created flashcards to help with the different invocations you’ll find below until I had them memorized. Students I’ve mentored have found this very helpful, too. So don’t let your worries about memorization stop you from giving this a real try. With greater effort comes greater rewards.

Here are the six steps of the Higher Self Meditation:

  • Relax
  • Establish protection
  • Check your spiritual centers
  • Connect with your Higher Self
  • Down-ray the Divine Light
  • Ground yourself

Step 1: Relax

Seat yourself in a comfortable chair, with your back straight and legs uncrossed, feet flat on the floor, shoes off if you like.

It is recommended to avoid sitting cross-legged in the “lotus position” for this practice.

That position interferes with the flow of Divine Light through our aura, centers, and body. While lotus styled meditation primarily draws energy up from below us, the Higher Self Meditation is bringing in light from the heaven worlds above us.

Relax and let go of today's cares for now.

Please be sure you will not be disturbed. Your meditation is a sacred time in your day. It is your time to commune with your Higher Self…and God. Silence the phone, turn off the TV, kick Fluffy or Fido out of the room, and ask your loved ones to give you 20 minutes of uninterrupted peace.

If you are very upset or angry at the moment, it is best to take a walk, a drive, or otherwise wait until you have calmed down. You do not want to take all your troubles and worries up to your Higher Self at this time. You have to be able to let go of the cares of the day to make as strong a connection as possible.

So just let go and relax. Listen to a little music first, start with some deep breathing, or read from the Bible, the Upanishads or another spiritual text for a moment, if you wish. Around the Year with Emmet Fox is a fave of mine!

But turn off music once you start your meditation. Even “meditation music” can interfere with you making the strongest connection possible. Yet don’t make yourself so cozy as to feel yourself nodding off.

The goal is “an awakened calm.”

Step 2: Establish Protection

Now it is time to reinforce your Golden Bubble of Protection and to close the Psychic Door.

Please don’t skip this step, it is so very important. 

You are very receptive in this meditative state and you don’t want to open yourself up to less than enlightened influences.

If you haven’t tried spiritual protective techniques like these before, you can learn about these essential spiritual tools and the invocations here. On the most basic level, ask aloud and visualize a golden bubble of light completely surrounding you. Contrary to popular belief, the gold light is an even stronger protective energy than the white. In fact, gold is the strongest protective energy there is, period.

Spiritual protection is “always important but doubly important when you are in a meditative state,” so please, please don’t blow this off as silly or irrelevant.

Step 3: Check Your Spiritual Centers

As mentioned in my previous post, we will be working with four primary energy centers (also known as chakras) to start with: the mental center, throat center, hermetic center (heart center), and the emotional center.

These centers are “like focal points for the receiving and distribution of light throughout your consciousness.” They are sort of the master chakras in a sense.

Each of these centers is always spinning, some much faster than others, but they should all be turning in a clockwise motion when they are in their natural and healthy flows. Imagine a clock taped to your chest, face out, hands rotating in their usual direction. This is clockwise.

Ask the pure white light to go into your centers to get them moving clockwise.

Our centers can get moving in a counter-clockwise motion, however. Especially if we are under any serious stress or suffering from extreme emotions or hardships. 

Even if one center is off, it will interrupt the smooth and efficient reception and flow of Divine Light throughout our consciousness, making it “a poor point of contact for the Divine to work through.”

So you really want to check your centers before you begin your meditation and get them rotating in a clockwise motion again.

In The Healing Power of Your Aura, here is how Barbara explains this process:

“Begin by placing your hands, right hand over left, over the center you want to check. Start with the emotional center and work your way up. Become very still and try to get a feeling of how your center is moving. 

If you sense that the center is moving clockwise, move on to the next center. If the center is off, envision the pure white light going into that center, and changing its direction, moving it clockwise. Continue until you have checked all four centers.”

When I first started all this, I couldn’t feel a darn thing! That’s normal and perfectly alright if you don’t either.

You will become more sensitive to the light (and the light around others for that matter) as you continue to practice this meditation technique. I have found this to be decidedly true.

But here, in the beginning, just ask the white light to go into each of your centers if you are unsure.

After a couple of weeks, you can drop this step altogether, if you wish. You’ll start to just know when a center is off, and when it is, repeat this step.

Step 4: Connect with Your Higher Self

Now it is time to make your connection with the Higher!

As we discussed in an earlier post, our Higher Self Point is a critical part of our spiritual anatomy. It is located about 2 feet (24 inches) above our head.

You begin by placing your attention at this point. By sharply focusing your conscious awareness at this point, you are “making a strong connection with your Higher Self Point.”

You may feel a sense of “elation or heightened awareness,” but such an experience is not necessary to make your connection.

So again, don’t worry if you feel or sense nothing. I didn’t either in the beginning but that changed big time.

As you are placing your attention on your Higher Self Point, and throughout your meditation, lay your hands palm down on your abdomen at your emotional center, right hand over your left. Doing this will help polarize the energy as it flows through you.

Now say the following invocation:

“Heavenly Father, Holy Mother God, I raise my consciousness into Thy consciousness where I become One with Thee. I ask to receive that which I need and that which I need to know now.”

Use this invocation word-for-word as written here. Precision is important here as this invocation is like a formula. It is a very ancient mystical prayer. Time to bust out those flashcards my fellow nerds! Doing this meditation daily will ensure you have it memorized in no time.

Barbara writes:

“As you say these words, place your attention on your Higher Self Point, becoming one with its divine essence. Feel and sense that you are in a place of peace, serenity, and harmony. No care or worries exist here. You have placed your consciousness above the human levels of your being; you have moved into a pure divine part of you. You are now connecting with the source of your healing power.”

Step 5: Down-ray the Divine Light

As described in Change Your Aura, Change Your Life:

Once you have established a connection with your Higher Self, you can petition the light verbally.

Verbalization is imperative because it helps you focus, while also making you a much more active participant in the light work. But there is also power in speaking out loud.

You’re going to be calling on a particular light ray to do a specific task. If you say it silently, there’s a tendency to let your mind wander a little. Verbalizing your prayers is a strong affirmation of the light and also brings into play a spiritual tone through your throat center.

First, see the energy you are asking for being down-rayed into the Higher Self Point and activating it.

Try to feel and sense the spiritual energy you are requesting as it descends from your Higher Self point into each of your centers.

From the Higher Self Point envision a beam of light moving down into the four spiritual centers. As the light touches each center, hold your attention there for a moment to feel the light connecting. Know that these centers are igniting with spiritual power.

See the center completely filling with the energy you’re asking for, and out-raying about a foot in all directions. Then ask for the particular divine quality you want the light to bring you.

These qualities are qualities of God-consciousness such as peace, love, wisdom, prosperity, balance, motivation, energy, enthusiasm, guidance, illumination, intelligence, truth, etc. Each of these qualities is expressed in a particular light ray, such as the Deep Rose Pink for Love, or the Purple Ray for Peace.

That is why the light rays are described as “conduits of consciousness.” They carry Divine Consciousness to us.

When we meditate and ask for a specific light ray, we are asking God to change our consciousness. To release us, for example, from a consciousness of fear or hatred (an awareness of, or a focus on these thoughts and feelings of the human, lower nature), and fill us instead with a consciousness of Love or Peace.

This is the grown-up prayer. As a spiritual adult, I no longer pray for God to grant me things; nor do I pray for something to happen in a certain way. I know that perfect harmony, perfect relationships, perfect health, perfect prosperity are my divine birthright.

So if anything is out of whack in our lives, it means somewhere in our consciousness there is a corresponding thought or belief that is out of whack, too. Otherwise, we would not be experiencing this disharmony.

And so instead pray now for God to help change your consciousness. To align your consciousness with His. With Truth.

This shift took me some time. It baffled me at first really.

With daily meditation, however, it all started to make sense somehow, and the wisdom of these things and others has come to me gradually. Insights and understanding will come to anyone who works faithfully with the light in this way.  It is a natural consequence. You just have to be patient.

And don’t worry that you may be asking to down-ray the wrong light ray for your current need.

Most times, you’ll receive the ray you ask for. However, you can ask for Purple for example, but if you need the Emerald Green instead, that is what you’ll receive instead.

Like every good parent, God makes sure we always get what we need!

Step 6: Ground Yourself

I don’t mean to your room for a week like your Mom did.

Just give yourself a few moments after you have asked the light to go into all your centers. Don’t just jump up out of your seat and rush into your day.

Feel your consciousness coming back down slowly. It is a good idea to ask a golden bubble of protection to encircle this light you have just received, anchoring it into your centers and consciousness.

To give thanks for all the work that has been done for you and to acknowledge the light you have received, close with the following prayer:

“I ask that the Divine Light that I have just received be protected, sealed and anchored in my centers, body, and all aspects of my aura and consciousness. I thank Thee that this is so, and so shall it ever be. So be it.”

Now We’re Ready for Transformation

So those are the six steps of the Higher Self Meditation for meditating with Divine Light to gradually but incredibly powerfully connect with your higher self, change your aura, transform your consciousness, and thereby change your life.

I am currently working on putting together some free guided meditation videos that will walk you through these steps, each video focusing on a particular goal or divine attribute like forgiveness, prosperity, anxiety relief, depression relief, healing and so on. So be sure to fill in your first name and email in the sidebar to subscribe.

Again, if you’d like to read the best book on this topic, I recommend this book based on 50 years of metaphysical teaching. If you’re ready to dive deeper into your metaphysical education, these online metaphysical classes are the ones I most highly recommend.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to scroll down and leave them below and I will be happy to help you out.

Until my next post, may love and light bless you in every way, every day.

In Light & Love,


  • Excellent! Thanks for sharing it with her, Emmanuel. My hubby is the same way, but we wives really appreciate when you take the time to acknowledge what we care about and listen to us rattle on and on!Respectfully,Desa

  • Thanks, Sam! This is most helpful feedback as I was most certainly outlining a few preceding steps in previous posts. I must go in and link to them so others like yourself don’t have to work so hard to find what they need!Some of the things aren’t talked about a lot in metaphysical circles or meditation guides as they aren’t necessarily part of the traditions from which other meditations originated.In a way, there are three types of meditation:Contemplation (aka Samatha)Stilling the Mind (aka Vipassana)Higher Self (aka Divine Light)Working with any of these types of meditations is spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically beneficial, and it helps to think of them as different types of mental skill. Like any skill, the more you practice, the better you get and so the better the rewards and benefits. Not to mention the more you come to love and enjoy it. Anything we are new to feels awkward and uncomfortable until we get the hang of it!What these meditation styles are also doing is stimulating connection to different levels of consciousnessIn the metaphysical tradition I am a part of, we focus most strongly on the third type, but practicing the other two types is a great preparation for working with this type. We are also encouraged to still incorporate the other two forms because, as I said, they are helping us to connect with other specific levels of divine consciousness.What I like about the Higher Self Mediation is that it builds on the other two forms of meditation and helps you to become a more active, conscious participant in the natural spiritual processes that are happening when you work with the other two, though you were likely not aware of that process. It is practical because you can be very targeted with the light, working to release one aspect of your lower nature specifically at a time, and build up specific qualities you feel need strengthening.Working with a truly awakened, qualified spiritual teacher, ALL these forms of meditation can help you attain the great goal of enlightenment, whether that teacher is a mystic of the Hebrew, Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu, Christian or other certain authentic metaphysical traditions.The Higher Self meditation as taught through the Kingdom of Light tradition (which is tied to the Judeo-Christian mystical traditions) may help accelerate things simply because you are now actively participating in the enlightenment process with great conscious awareness.Thank you for taking the time and care to learn more about the Higher Self Meditation. You are most welcome!Respectfully,Desa

  • Great article and there are things I didn’t know. My wife is more interested in these kinds of things than I am honestly. But I enjoy reading it. Now, I will show this to her, and I’m pretty sure she will want to tell and explain everything around it. Thanks for sharing it. 

  • Loved this post and found myself looking back at some your older posts to catch up a little as this seems to be an ongoing lesson.  I however did start to catch up a little and after that understood more what you were talking about here.  I only had a little experience with meditation in the past so there were a few things I never even knew about like protecting yourself in golden light etc.  Thank you.

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