Desa & Almerico on a bright Irish Morning!

Hello, My name is...

Desa Abbamondi

I am a passionate writer by night & energetic florist by day. Also, a major, MAJOR animal lover and a very, VERY modest art collector!

In spare moments, I can be found taking walks & photos of plants & sky, reading, organizing, blasting a wide variety of music, and capturing every opportunity to savor the rain.

While writing, I can be found glued here to my desk (the envy of my twelve-year-old niece), fending off the advances of a cat who thinks my hands would better serve to be petting her (she is not the reading kind apparently).

While florist-ing, where literally THOUSANDS of lives are depending on me, I can be heard talking to the plants as I water them, and scolding the flowers for not cooperating with my ideas on how they should arrange themselves. I'm known as the "bird-whisperer", but I also escort all the crickets, spiders, and beetles who visit our store back outside, too. If my teammates want to see me fume, they know just steal my broom.

Within my spiritual community, I am a mentor, a practitioner of Direct Divine Light Healing and an Associate Teacher.

#BLESSED on the marriage front! Though I was the fixer-upper in the early years of our marriage, I am very happily married for almost 16 years now to my lethally brilliant & criminally dashing Italian stallion, Almerico.

We live in Dallas, Texas with our two kitties--Kittles & Sunny--and a beloved golden-orange betta fish named Michael.