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What are the 5 Psychic Senses? How Do They Work? – What is the Value of Being Psychic for Spiritual Growth?

By Desa | Psychics & Psychic Phenomena , Spiritual Growth

 What are the psychic (astral) senses and how do they work? What is a psychic? What is the true value and importance of the psychic senses for our spiritual growth and development? In this post, I will outline exactly what all the psychic (astral) senses are and how they work, as well as bring your attention […]

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How Do You See Colors vs. How You Can See Spiritual Energies – Is Spiritual Energy Physical or Electromagnetic?

By Desa | Aura Colors and Divine Light Rays , Psychics & Psychic Phenomena , Science

I have heard some metaphysically-minded people refer to spiritual energy as electromagnetic energy. While there is a practice dating back to ancient times called chromotherapy that is all about the healing effects of physical light and colors on the human body, this is not the same energy most metaphysical discussions are referring to when talking […]

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