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Meaning of the Metaphysical – The Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

By Desa | Mystics and Mysticism , Enlightenment , Metaphysics , Spiritual Growth

It’s an exciting time to be alive because many are seeking spiritual truth, and asking what it really means to grow spiritually. What makes things all the more thrilling for spiritual truth-seekers like you and me is that there has literally NEVER been a better time to grow more spiritually in the whole history of the world than right now!  […]

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What is Conversation with God About? – Missing One of the Greatest Keys to Spiritual Growth

By Desa | Enlightenment , Meditation , Metaphysics , Prayer , Sending Light to Others , The Higher Self Meditation , Your Life and the Aura

What is conversation with God about? A good conversation has two aspects: a speaker and a listener, a question and a reply. Authentic, productive, and enriching conversation is a mutual giving….and a receiving. It is just the same with our “conversations” with God.        Prayer is part of that conversation process with God, and we […]

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