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Understanding Different Types of Spiritual Energy – Spiritual Meaning of Purple Divine Light in the Aura

By Desa | Aura Colors and Divine Light Rays , Purple Ray of Peace

There are so many different spiritual energies to be found in the aura–way more than a rainbow–and you can choose to work with many of these directly in meditation or receive them through spiritual healing. Even the color of the clothing you wear can interact with your aura! But you may also want to know […]

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Best Free Divine Light Higher Self Guided Meditation Videos – Experience the Purple Ray of Peace For the Relief & Release of Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Pain, Worry, Fear

By Desa | Aura Colors and Divine Light Rays , Guided Meditations , Meditation , Metaphysical Books Worth Reading , Purple Ray of Peace , The Higher Self Meditation

ow grateful and delighted I am to kick off the first in my series of promised free divine light Higher Self guided meditation videos! These videos offer you the opportunity to effortlessly experience perhaps the best, most practical technique for working with divine light more directly– building up step-by-step more spiritual power within your aura. […]

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