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What are the Chakras – The Four “Master Chakras” and Demystifying Working with Your Energy Centers

By Desa | Chakras or Energy Centers

One more subject needs clarification before we can begin to meditate effectively to achieve strong, tangible results: our spiritual energy centers or “chakras”. What are the chakras? Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Pin0 Quick Navigation First, You Have Way More than Seven Chakras What do the Chakras Look Like? Why Is Working With the Chakras Important? The […]

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What is the Higher Self? – How to Connect With Your Higher Self

By Desa | Higher Self , Meditation , Metaphysical Books Worth Reading , The Higher Self Meditation

What is the Higher Self? Your “Higher Self” isn’t just a nice idea, an image you can hold in your mind to envision the noblest version of yourself…though it can be that, too. It isn’t some incomprehensible, wispy-woo-woo mumbo-jumbo either. The Higher Self that I am detailing in this post is a crucially important part […]

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