Can I Find Out My Aura Color? – How to Determine What Your Own Aura Looks Like 

 September 10, 2018

By  Desa

[thrive_drop_caps color=’purple’ style=’2′]T[/thrive_drop_caps]he short answer is that yes you can find out your aura color, whether you can see the aura for yourself or not. I will outline for you in this post what resources are available to help you determine what your own aura looks like, and how you can get a definite idea of your aura all on your own.

However, I will also share with you what resources are out there that are simply fun and more just for entertainment. Such resources are of little use to a person seeking real self-knowledge or spiritual growth, however, because they start off from the widely-believed but false premise that the aura is a simple amorphous glob or orb of light with a few colors swirling around. Savor these resources with a grain of salt. So how can I find out my aura color?

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First, Understand What the Human Aura is Really Like

The aura is not one simple color, or an iridescent shimmery glow swirling around you with no discernible rhyme or reason. There is no such thing as a “blue aura” or “purple aura”, an “indigo aura” or a “crystal aura.”

Describing the aura in such overly simplistic and generic terms is no more honest, helpful or useful than describing a human being as only black, white, or brown. Why? Because such descriptions tell you absolutely nothing about the content of that person’s character or personality, their likes or talents, their potential or their past.

Making assumptions based on such generalizations is potentially misleading at best and can even be dangerous.

The human aura is actually as richly complex, intricate, and organized as your own physical body. It has a definite shape, composition, and structure. Every single aspect of who and what you are, what you see, think, and feel, your potential and talents, your career, finances, karma, health and more is all laid out in your aura like a blueprint of your soul.

So this leads to a major point for you in determining if you can find out your aura color….

It is not what color, but what COLORS.Your aura actually has every color of the rainbow and more in it! Click to visit my divine light inspired apparel and accessories shop.

Every aura is composed of spiritual energies of many different colors, each color corresponding to a particular level of consciousness.

If you would like a more detailed breakdown of the human aura, read my previous post here. If you think you would enjoy reading the most complete, comprehensible book on the aura ever written, I recommend Change Your Aura, Change Your Life.

Get a Reading from a Genuine Aura Specialist

If you can actually find one!

This is perhaps the most difficult and expensive route for determining what colors make up your aura, but it is also likely to be the most accurate. Most accurate compared to the method I will describe later only because it will be unbiased and impersonal.

If you read my previous post about what is the human aura, then you understand that there are many, many aspects and layers to the aura, but that the spiritual aura is the one most people are familiar with. This is the aspect of the aura you are probably seeking to get insight on.

The spiritual aura is a treasure trove of information!

The interesting thing about the spiritual aura is that it can only be perceived with the mystical senses by an awakened soul. What many who have developed their psychic abilities see and describe as the aura is not the spiritual aura, but only astral colors and energies. So the information you may receive from someone utilizing their psychic abilities is not always reliable, but the genuinely awakened mystic’s abilities are 100% accurate.

Herein is where the difficulties lie.

The Premier Metaphysical School - Spiritual Arts Institute

While there are many awakened souls on the earth today, most of them are quietly going about their work behind the scenes in all areas of human endeavor: business, politics, psychology, medicine, the arts. You name it. Very few of these souls are making themselves known as such to the public, and of those precious few that are known to the public, interpretation of the aura in great detail is a very rare specialty.

I have personally found one such soul, but even she is being called to focus her time and effort more on educating others than on performing readings.

Just my opinion, but I would encourage you not to waste any more precious time seeking out such specialists and would instead focus on using the method described later in this post. But if your curiosity is driving you wild, feel free to search for others offering full aura readings. There may be a few more out there. I can tell you what to look for to help make sure you end up working with the real deal if you find them.

Aura Color Resources and Amusing Experiences

If you want a professional to give you insight into your aura colors:

  • First, educate yourself a little more about the aura. I recommended a great book to start with hereThe most complete and comprehensible book on the aura I have ever found!
  • Check out any specialists sample readings and testimonials. If you see simplistic descriptions of the aura offered, you know this is probably only a psychic interpretation. Enjoy it as a fun experience but take with a big grain of salt.
  • If you think you have found a real aura specialist who is a genuine mystic, dig into their background to look for a few tell-tale clues that this person is the real deal. Ask them about their training. Genuine mystics come from established traditions and will have studied under an earthly physical teacher who was also an awakened mystic. This was true even for Jesus!

Understand that anyone can develop psychic abilities, it does not require any level of higher spiritual attainment. Mystical abilities must be earned and awakened only by actual spiritual achievement and growth.

  • Aura photography is another one-size-fits-all approach claiming to help people get an idea of what their aura looks like, but it does not actually photograph the aura. Aura photography uses electro-magnetical and biofeedback to produce amorphous colored images and offer you a very simplistic–but still inaccurate–interpretation of what your aura color means. And it can be different almost every time, too.

It’s more like a mood ring. Pretty and fun, but based on what’s happening with you physically, not spiritually. That is NOT the aura. Nothing in the physical world can take a picture of what is spiritual in nature. Nothing. Do not be fooled, but do enjoy the novelty of the experience.

How to Get an Idea of What Your Aura Looks Like All By Yourself

If you’d like to get the most out of finding out what your aura colors are, the best thing you can do is figure them out for yourself. This will require first a little study, and then a bit of self-reflection and analysis.

Whether you are an enlightened soul or not, and whether you can actually see the aura yet or not, all you need to know to begin to get the picture of your aura’s colors in your mind’s eye is knowledge of what colors might appear in an aura, what those colors mean, and the courage to take an honest look at yourself.

You can start right now by taking a self-inventory of the main areas of your life. Take a few sheets of paper and make columns for each of the following: relationships, talents and skills, finances, career, spiritual life, strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, and environments. Under each heading make a few notes describing how each of these areas of your life is like right now.

Honestly evaluate yourself and use what you learn to put together the picture of you the aura might paint.

You’ll want to keep these notes for years to come. Not only will they help you build a picture of your aura, but if you are on a spiritual path or any path of self-improvement, it will be interesting and revealing to have this snapshot of where you used to be compared to where you are at that moment.

I did this same exercise at the start of my own spiritual journey and again a few years into it, and then again last year. It is astonishing and encouraging seeing tangible proof of what applying spiritual principles and practices to your life can do for you.

Once you have the inventory, then the best resource I have ever found for learning what the aura looks like, what its colors are, and what they mean is the book I have recommended in this post and will undoubtedly refer to in others. It’s that good. Check it out for yourself: Change Your Aura, Change Your Life. If you really want to be more knowledgeable about the aura, start with this.

Within this book, there is a color chart (when you subscribe to my blog I also send you an instant download of the aura colors chart with even more energies). There are also multiple descriptions and drawings of all kinds of auras and aspects of the aura.

Once you know, for example, that you tend to have very loving relationships with others, then you will learn from this book that there will be a lot of deep rose pink and emerald green in your aura. You will also get an idea of exactly where in the aura these colors will show up.

I never get tired of studying the aura!

You are a beautiful jewel of many facets

To recap, your aura is not a single color, but many colors. You can find out what colors your aura contains most accurately from a genuine awakened mystic who is also skilled and trained in aura interpretation, but such souls are very rare and difficult to find.Your are a radiant jewel of many facets of living light!

In your search for one, if you think you may have found the real deal, investigate their background a little for clues. If you go to a psychic or for aura photos, enjoy the experience as fun, but take it with a great big grain of salt and don’t put too much emphasis on it. The psychic senses are unreliable and there is no physical tool that can actually photograph things of the Spirit.

The most beneficial way to determine your auric colors is to do so for yourself. To do this you will need to fearlessly and honestly take inventory of yourself. Meditating with the Divine Light such as we do with the Higher Self Meditation will help reveal more truth about yourself to you, too. Also, you will need to study up on aura colors and meanings from the best books on the subject such as the one I suggested.

With your personal inventory and new aura knowledge, you will be able to easily figure out what colors could be seen in your aura. The good, the bad, and the ugly. All of us have dark and light in our auras, but the knowledge of what’s in our auras is the perfect starting point to build it up even brighter.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below, and I will be happy to help you out, pronto!

In Light and Love,



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  • Oh, Aria, that is SUCH a great question, and I have so much I could tell you about it that I am now planning a post on the topic, thanks to you! However, the short answer for purposes of a comment reply is no–the aura and chi are NOT the same things. HOWEVER…chi works very closely with our energy field (aura) as the aura is composed of the Divine Light, and chi needs the Divine Light to act on it to direct it where to go–it does not operate on its own.

    So what is chi? What is called in Sanskrit akasha, in Greek ether , and is part of prana (especially as it relates to breath) is called in metaphysics spirit-substance. This spirit-substance is the Maker’ss Clay, the fabric of life…it is the divine material from which EVERYTHING is made. Every form of physical energy and matter in the Universe is composed of this spirit-substance operating at different levels of vibration. The physical atoms are composed of AND sustained by it. It is essential for healing the body and is often seen as white light, but that is only because the white light is always interacting with it.

    If you’d like to learn more about it, then I recommend reading the Healing Power of Your Aura here on Amazon. In our work at SpiritualArts.org/classes, we learn how to work directly with this power in meditation, but I will also offer here a little mini-experiment you can do to work with it right now, as often as you like, to build up this vital healing power:

    Ask that a Golden Bubble of protective light surround you. Now, picture white light flowing into your lungs and then out through your bloodstream and heart and your whole body as you inhale deep breaths of it; as you exhale, see black and gray little atoms like fine powder dust breaking up from within your body and leaving out through your exhalation. As you do this, in between breaths, say “I am now breathing in the Holy Breath of God.”

  • I applaud your courage and wisdom in honoring your God-given curiosity enough to explore something like that yoga course! No doubt in my mind it was meant to be that one crucial first small step in helping you in your spiritual growth! Congratulations on your journey!

    Like you, I once thought such things were baloney, but the truth was I just didn’t have any good information about these things as there is very little clear, concrete, detailed first-hand knowledge out there…and a whole ocean of BS. It is so unfair because based on much of the available “information” you cannot make an intelligent, informed decision that isn’t to just immediately dismiss these metaphysical topics as garbage or a joke, and rightly so! That’s why I am so glad I pressed on anyway and found SpiritualArts.org and you pressed on and found your class. Now more informed…and life is so much bigger and meaningful because of this!

    It would be disingenuous of me not to point out, however, that the aura, the soul, the spirit, and divine life force are NOT just the same thing called by different names. These are actually very distinct parts of our spiritual anatomy. Saying they are the same, for example, is like saying the liver, heart and brain are the same thing. Obviously, they are not, but they do work together to help support our physical body in physical life.

  • You’re welcome, Andrea! There is a lot of people out there giving metaphysics a bad name! You will certainly be surprised by how much depth and complexity there really is to our spiritual anatomy once you check out the book with the illustrations and color charts. Enjoy the book and if you’d like to dive into deeper study, just check out Spiritualarts.org/classes

  • I’ve wanted to have someone do a reading on my aura for a little while now, but as you said, it’s hard to find someone that you really trust! I like the fact that you can learn how to look at your own aura and find out what the colors and aspects of them are. I will be putting this book on my wishlist! Thank you!

  • Until recently, I thought all this aura stuff was some BS made up to fool desperate people, but after attending a 10-day yoga course, I came to realize that we all have an aura but it is just known by other names – soul, spirit, life force.

    This article has really helped me understand more about auras, and I am definitely going to do the self-examination aura color discovery process.

    Thanks for this.

  • Wow! This is really interesting! I do have a question though. Is your aura the same as your “Chi”? This is definitely something I’m interested in learning about myself because I think I can learn a lot from something like this. I really enjoyed reading this post and I can’t wait to learn what my aura color is and what I’ll discover about myself once I know what it is!

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