Best Free Divine Light Higher Self Guided Meditation Videos – Experience the Purple Ray of Peace For the Relief & Release of Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Pain, Worry, Fear

By Desa | Aura Colors and Divine Light Rays

How grateful and delighted I am to kick off the first in my series of promised free divine light Higher Self guided meditation videos! These videos offer you the opportunity to effortlessly experience perhaps the best, most practical technique for working with divine light more directly– building up step-by-step more spiritual power within your aura. Change your aura, change your life! That is a spiritual law you can bank on.

This short (only 12 minutes), visually-stunning free guided meditation will help you to connect with your Higher Self, commune with the Divine, and receive the Purple Ray of Peace for the relief and release of stress, anxiety, fear, worry, pain, exhaustion, and depression. This divine light meditation will immerse you in an experience of the divine light in all aspects of your consciousness and body to better help you get into the silence of peace, and the peace of silence.

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Coming Up Next

There are many more coming up, such as:

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  • The Lemon Yellow Ray for Focus & Concentration
  • The Turquoise Ray for Prosperity, Wealth & Abundance
  • The Orange Red Flame & Blue White Fire for Purification, Healing & Life Force Renewal
  • The Silver Ray for Divine Intelligence, Perception, Guidance & Awareness
  • The Powder Blue Ray for Inspiration & Ideas…

…and quite a few more rays and specialized meditations for common concerns and challenges such as forgiveness, weight loss, career, strengthening talents, etc.

Need One of These Upcoming Meditations Now? How to Start Today

These are a labor of love and take me some time to produce.

If you cannot wait and are looking for help & support for some of these things I’ve mentioned, all these rays–and hundreds of different ways to work with them in every area of life–can be found in the first four books listed at the end of this post.

I’ve also outlined everything you need to know about the basic Higher Self Meditation steps for you to start working with the light on your own in these previous posts:

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Hard to imagine there are even more rays!

But as God is infinite, that means there are an infinite number of spiritual energies to carry the limitless varieties of God-consciousness to us. So much to experience and look forward to in our journey!

Some of these additional spiritual energies are covered in the first four books at the bottom of this post. Some, at least at this time, are not meant to be shared with the general public, but are shared with students of certain metaphysical traditions such as the one I mention below that I am a part of.

What Did You Think?

Please leave your comments and questions below and I will be happy to help you out.

Or feel free to share your constructive thoughts and suggestions to help me improve these meditations for you and others going forward.

This was only my first ever meditation video, so I am sureI have much to learn. I welcome your feedback, honestly.


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These teachings are part of the ancient Kingdom of Light mystical tradition, as taught by Barbara Y Martin & Dimitri Moraitis of the Spiritual Arts Institute.

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  • AvatarDesa says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, and honored my video has inspired you to give meditation another try. 

    When I first got started trying meditation as a child, I “dabbled” in it like you say as I knew how important it could be for my life, but could not quite find the practice that felt like the right fit. But I kept searching and trying until I found what worked for me, as I encourage everyone to do. 

    I knew from the beginning what worked for me would need to be very practical and purposeful, very conscious and meaningful.

    As I explored, what I found is that when you break it all down, there are really three basic types of meditation, the most commonly known and practiced being the two main Eastern-style meditations. 

    Both of these styles deliver a slew of very real physical/emotional/mental AND spiritual benefits. The physical/emotional/mental benefits such as the ones you mentioned are the reasons to meditate that we are all most familiar with.

    Those benefits are important and certainly make the practice worthwhile for EVERYONE to pursue…but these benefits are eclipsed in my opinion by the spiritual benefits.

    With the first of these two types of meditations you might contemplate something (literally it could be anything, a single word, an image, an idea, a proverb, a prayer, a flower) as a sort of reflective meditation. 

    For the most part guided visualization style-meditations I find fall into this category. This first style is very important to do from time to time, no matter what your main religious or spiritual practice or belief is as it can help reveal deeper truths about the subject you are contemplating, and build your ability to focus and concentrate, which are crucial for the more advanced spiritual pursuits. Scientists and artists have certainly experienced profound insights and ideas during contemplation, but all of us can have some incredible experiences with contemplation. Literally, its like magic can happen with contemplation!

    The second very well-known is usually the focus of breath, clear your mind kind. This kind is definitely the more demanding of the two, but also delivers some enormous benefits spiritually. The main spiritual benefit is getting into the stillness..the Silence of Peace and the Peace of Silence. This is something we are going to have to learn how to do if we want to grow spiritually for reasons I don’t have time to expound on at the moment, but I promise, this is a biggie.

    The third kind of meditation you might call Western style meditation...and at least for me, it was what I was looking for all along. 

    It builds on the practice and benefits of the first two and takes you to the next steps as part of the metaphysical phase of our spiritual evolution, a conscious cooperation with the natural spiritual processes of life. They are called prayerful meditations in the mystery tradition I am a part of, but they involve working with Divine Light and communing with the Divine consciously, more deeply than ever, in an act of spiritual cooperation. 

    Its kind of like you finally learn where and how to actively and consciously take your place in the hierarchy of light and life so you can cooperate better with the divine plan by growing closer to God than ever before, indeed to grow from faith in God to KNOWING God.

    That is what this meditation video is meant to give everyone the first experience of in some small way. It is a good starting point to getting into divine light higher self meditations on your own.

    Let me know if you have any questions and thanks again for trying this meditation!



  • AvatarHappier At Home says:

    This is an interesting article on learning ways to embrace self-guided meditation and all that it can offer. I dabbled a little in meditation a couple of years ago. I was always amazed at how relaxed I was able to become during the sessions. 

    I feel like if I had kept it up, I’d be better able to manage my stress and anxiety throughout the day.  I am going to get back into this.  

    Thank you for making me realize what I’ve been missing. Great first video!

  • >