Why Should You Work with Divine Light?

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Spiritual Growth Comes from Earning More Light

The light you earn–or forfeit–from your every single word, thought, act and deed is your “passport to eternity.” The key to your spiritual ascent.

It is what gives you the power to do everything, and it is what gives the soul its level of expression.

It is the single most precious thing you possess, and it is what you will carry with you into your next life.

Where ever you go, you always carry your light with you.

Working More Directly with Divine Light Can Accelerate Spiritual Growth

As you grow in the light, you simultaneously grow in divine consciousness.

This is why the most important goal you can strive for in living every day is to earn more light.

Every person earns light with every good word, thought, act and deed. This is a natural spiritual process that is happening on an unconscious level for most people.

However, by working with divine light more directly from things like spiritual healing or divine light meditations, you become a CONSCIOUS participant in this natural spiritual process.

This can help to greatly enhance the light you receive AND–this is the big key–retain and build upon.

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