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I hope you will enjoy some of the things I write on this site because every post was crafted just for you, dear reader.

In deciding what topics I should cover on LiveHealLove.com, I didn’t start by asking myself what I would personally love to write all about that I think everyone should hear. While some of what I might have said could have been helpful some of the time, I really, really wanted this site set up to guarantee it would be of real service and usefulness to anyone who happened upon it.

So I instead researched to uncover what questions others are really asking in the area of metaphysics that are being ignored or answered only half-heartedly. Every post is crafted to address those such questions.

Many are seeking spiritual truth these days. There has never been a time to grow more spiritually in the history of the world than right now, and we are not meant to be kept in the dark. Faith is meant to give way to knowing.

But how do we bridge that gap?

Well, maybe you have discovered, as I did, that metaphysics is that next step we are all destined to take.

What is metaphysics?

Metaphysics is the study of the spiritual root of physical life. It comes from the ancient Greek meaning “that which comes after the physical.”

Traditionally, there are two branches of metaphysics–theoretical and practical.

Theoretical metaphysics is mainly an intellectual study and is not the focus of this site. Practical metaphysics bases its knowledge and understanding on direct spiritual observations and experience. In its purest form, higher metaphysics is a sacred art, practiced by trained mystics who can see beyond the physical veil of life.

The study of spiritual energy and the aura falls into the realm of practical metaphysics. All metaphysical references on this site refer to this practical, higher application.

If this is the life that you are meant to heed that inner spiritual call, you will probably find that once you start digging into all your options, it can feel almost impossible to decide what you should really focus on in order to gain that authentic spiritual experience, learning, and growth you so earnestly yearn for.

Are you feeling the call to dive deeper into metaphysics?

The Kingdom of Light Teachings

So what should we focus on? Where do we begin to make our way from faith to knowing?

It is so simple to start living the metaphysical life right now, and divine light is the key.

There are various schools of metaphysics. The background  I was trained in is a 4,000-year-old mystical tradition known as the Kingdom of Light Teachings. Although its roots can be found in the Judeo-Christian tradition, these teachings are nondenominational, universal principles designed for anyone wishing to delve into a greater understanding of the Divine Light and metaphysics. The answers I offer in my posts are based on these teachings.

The Light You Earn

The light you earn–or forfeit–from your every single word, thought, act and deed is your “passport to eternity.”

It is the single most precious thing you possess, and it is what you will carry with you into your next life. As you grow in the light, you simultaneously grow in divine consciousness. This is why the most important goal you can strive for in living every day is to earn more light.

In this daily goal, prayer is still just as important as the religions of the world have always wisely stressed, but that is only half the story. Meditation is the key. If communing with God is a conversation, prayer is our sending out or petitioning. Meditation is the other half of that conversation, where we receive our answers back from God through the Divine Light.

This is why we refer to our daily practice of communing with the divine–using a meditation technique known as The Higher Self Meditation– as “prayerful meditations.”

The Premier Metaphysical School - Spiritual Arts Institute

The Premier Metaphysical School – Spiritual Arts Institute and the Seven Spiritual Arts Training Program

Like a Circus

The metaphysical arena has been likened to a circus floor, and with good reason.

There’s so much chicanery, glamorous, hocusy-pocusy nonsense or even dangerous practices misnomered as “metaphysics” going around, that I can’t help but laugh out loud with total understanding when some would refer to all seekers of the path as “woo-tards.”

Yet the metaphysical path is a very real, ancient and noble tradition.

Its followers have kept the light of truth burning for humanity no matter how dark the times. And that is still our job today and for the days ahead. So if you are hearing the call to the metaphysical life, I hope you will let nothing stand in your way so that you may answer that call. You must be discerning, certainly; but most importantly, be courageous.

Seek your highest good, do good, and let them laugh!

My Journey to the Metaphysical Life

The spiritual call came early to me in this life, and I explored fearlessly and passionately just about every -ism out there for many years. I won’t bore you with what I know is too personal to mean much to another but was for me endlessly magical nuances and details, every source a new clue, every step an adventure.

Living the metaphysical life means looking to your own Higher Self for the answers.

With every new twist and turn, I kept feeling myself drawing closer and closer to whatever I was looking for.

It is said the seeking sets up the conditions to find, and I now know that to be true.

When my last little knock almost 8 years ago opened the door to me finding the Spiritual Arts Institute (SAI), I knew the moment I read my first book from these teachers I was where I was always meant to be. What I found there is the most complete, organized and in-depth metaphysical training program available–perhaps anywhere.

What I love most is how these teachings weave together and shed light on so many aspects of the religious, mythological, historical, metaphysical and spiritual life that I had already studied and heard of before, but couldn’t quite manage to connect the dots. The patterns and connections are there, I knew, but with everything under so many names and told from so many cultural perspectives, it was hard to pinpoint those patterns and connections.

What I have found here, even 8 years later, continues to illuminate, inspire and expand my understanding with every new lesson.

Today, I am still a student (and always will be). Also, I have the privilege of serving as a certified Associate Teacher, mentor, and Direct Divine Light Healer for SAI.

Why I Created this Site

Learn how to earn more light every day.

There are people in this world who are literally crying for genuine metaphysical teachings, just as I was. Crying to find a way to connect the dots and grow closer to God. Crying because they just know in their heart that there is more to the story of God and life than is commonly understood.

I was there once, and I am happy to share what I can to help others ready for the light to find their way out of the dark. As I said, I will start with the questions others are actually asking and build every post with you in mind.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


In Light and Love,




Desa Abbamondi

Founder, LiveHealLove.com

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