My name is Desa Abbamondi.

Many are seeking spiritual truth these days. There has never been a time to grow more spiritually in the history of the world than right now, and we are not meant to be kept in the dark.

Faith is meant to give way to knowing.

But how do we bridge that gap?

Spiritual Growth Comes from Earning More Light

Well, maybe you have discovered, as I did, that metaphysics is that next step we are all destined to take. And it all starts with Divine Light.

The light you earn–or forfeit–from your every single word, thought, act and deed is your “passport to eternity.” It is what gives you the power to do everything, and it is what gives the soul its level of expression.

It is the single most precious thing you possess, and it is what you will carry with you into your next life. As you grow in the light, you simultaneously grow in divine consciousness.

This is why the most important goal you can strive for in living every day is to earn more light.

If You Are Hearing the Call, Don’t Miss Out on Answering It

The metaphysical arena has been likened to a circus floor, and with good reason.

There’s so much chicanery, glamorous, hocusy-pocusy nonsense or even dangerous practices misnomered as “metaphysics” going around, that I can’t help but laugh out loud with total understanding when some would refer to all seekers of the path as “woo-tards.”

Yet the metaphysical path is a very real, ancient, and noble tradition.

The path of the mystic has been with us almost from the beginning. Its followers have kept the light of truth burning for humanity no matter how dark the times.

And that is still our job today and for the days ahead.

So if you are hearing the call to the metaphysical life, I hope you will let nothing stand in your way so that you may answer that call. You must be discerning, certainly; but most importantly, be courageous!

Seek your highest good, do good, and let them laugh!