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I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for a while now but I’ve never really heard of the Higher Self meditation. 

This sounds like a great way to practice and I really like how linked it is to faith and having a conversation with God. 

This is a great way of growing spiritually and I can’t wait to take some of the steps the next time I’m looking to meditate.

Kate Blogger

This came just in time for me as I’m researching the divine laws of life. I truly appreciate you sharing the information. I’ve heard that both Barbara Y Martin and Dimitri Moraitis are extraordinary and very worthwhile. On top of that, this meditation technique is something that I’ve heard good things about. High hopes.

Rasa - Writer

I am most definitely going to give this a try and try the simple prayers.  You have a great website.  I am going to book mark and do some more reading.  Thank you for sharing!

Matt's Mom - ​Subscriber

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ow grateful and delighted I am to kick off the first in my series of promised free divine light Higher Self guided meditation videos! These videos offer you the opportunity to effortlessly experience perhaps the best, most practical technique for working with divine light more directly– building up step-by-step more spiritual power within your aura.


Prayer for a Healing – What About Doctors?

It is unfortunate that we find ourselves in a time where thinking is so sharply polarized when it comes to the question of how an “intelligent” or “spiritual” person should go about seeking healing for illness. Is prayer for a healing, or alternative holistic treatments we can administer ourselves enough? Does prayer and “spiritual healing”


Motivational Mermaid Video – Goals: What Would a Mermaid Do? – The Power of Persistence of Vision

Funny my first video turned out to have a mermaid theme, not the meditation theme I was working on at all! But part of the metaphysical spiritual path is learning to trust and follow and–above all–ACT on your inspirations. You won’t know if an idea you have is divinely inspired or just a random confluence


How to Connect with Your Higher Self – Using the Higher Self Meditation

Now that we have a more accurate picture of what the aura is and isn’t, and we’ve covered the vital importance of spiritual protection, cleared up the question on what is divine light, discovered our Higher Self Point of Spiritual Knowing, and looked at the master chakras to work with, its time for me to share here, at last,


What are the Chakras – The Four “Master Chakras” and Demystifying Working with Your Energy Centers

One more subject needs clarification before we can begin to meditate effectively to achieve strong, tangible results: our spiritual energy centers or “chakras”. What are the chakras? Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Pin0 Quick Navigation First, You Have Way More than Seven Chakras What do the Chakras Look Like? Why Is Working With the Chakras Important? The


What is the Higher Self? – How to Connect With Your Higher Self

What is the Higher Self? Your “Higher Self” isn’t just a nice idea, an image you can hold in your mind to envision the noblest version of yourself…though it can be that, too. It isn’t some incomprehensible, wispy-woo-woo mumbo-jumbo either. The Higher Self that I am detailing in this post is a crucially important part


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